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Christmas message from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) political leader, Dickon Mitchell

Dickon Mitchell – the new NDC political leader

As the newly elected leader of the National Democratic Congress, I embrace this opportunity to wish my fellow Grenadians, Carriacounians and Petite Martiniqueans both at home and abroad a merry, safe, and enjoyable Christmas.

It is a period when we come together with families. friends, and those in need to celebrate the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and to remember his message of compassion, hope and courage.

It is a period when we find strength in our differences and celebrate everything we have in common. The spirit of giving, love and unity is what makes a true Grenadian Christmas. Indeed, there is nothing like a Grenadian Christmas, where the breeze seems to be cooler and the food a bit tastier.

As we continue to celebrate this season let us take the time to remember our brothers and sisters who we lost due to the Covid 19 pandemic. One was too many! I sympathize with the families who have to face the empty chairs around the table during this Christmas season. I urge you to find the courage to locus on the fond memories and happy times you shared with your loved ones.

This year has not been smooth sailing for our country. We have been tested as a nation in more ways than one. I am proud of the fact that despite the many challenges, including rising economic costs, significant unemployment rates and inadequate and poor health care facilities and services, we remain resilient with a greater appreciation for the miracle that is life.

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I salute and appreciate the sacrifices made by others, in particular our health care workers, farmers, teachers, security forces and the business community in ensuring that we endured the challenges we all faced in 2021.

As we continue to celebrate and fellowship this Christmas season, I urge all citizens to be mindful that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic with emerging variants, and that we must take all precautions to protect each other as our safety is our responsibility.

Let us take the time to share a little Christmas cheer with those who may not be as fortunate as us. Please continue to follow the established protocols. be responsible and be safe.

May your holidays be filled with an abundance of love, fun, and lots of cheer.

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