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Chinese houses are ready for distribution

The Chinese-built houses at Corinth are now ready for the new home owners

The Dickon Mitchell-led Congress government is ready to start the roll out of homes to Grenadians under the Chinese-funded low income housing units that were built in several different parts of the island.

“It’s well on the road now,” said a top member of the Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG).

The official told THE NEW TODAY that the Housing Scheme at Corinth in St David will be ready for roll out from today and that a press release and video are being prepared by HAG to disseminate the information to the people.

According to the official, a working crew was seen on Sunday at Corinth cutting down all the bushes around the housing scheme as part of the preparation to start the distribution of the houses.

She said the “roll out” in now a reality and the prospective home owners will start getting their new homes before month-end.

She disclosed that the process is now at the stage where the home owners can come in and inspect their place, agree to the terms and conditions and then sign the purchase agreement documents with HAG.

The official indicated that it was just not humanly possible under the former New National Party (NNP) government of Keith Mitchell to give out the houses prior to the 2022 general election which it lost to Congress.

“The whole thing that Keith Mitchell and them tell people they go get their houses – that was just a joke.”

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She said the Septic tank and water were not connected to the Corinth Housing Scheme, there was no fire alarm in place, the door locks were rotten and had to be replaced and cupboards had to be built for the units.

HAG just reportedly spent just over EC$4 million in recent months to build the cupboards to get the units ready for distribution.

Weeks before the June 2022 general elections, a few NNP ministers expressed fears about distributing the Chinese-built houses as they could lose votes from persons who were not successful in their application to get one of the units.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Minister of Mobilisation Implementation and Transformation (MIT) Andy Williams met with HAG and all the relevant persons on Friday to get a briefing on the current situation in order to make a presentation at today’s meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The official lamented the depth of “the inefficiency” under the NNP regime in getting the Chinese houses in a state of readiness to hand over to Grenadians.

She said the then regime would have been putting the homeowners into a “death trap” in the 3-storey building that did not have any fire alarm in place.

In addition, she said there was no lights on the steps going up to the units and people were being forced to meander their way up stairways by use of the outside street lights.

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