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Chester Humphrey is back representing workers

Chester Humphrey – has returned to trade unionism

Former President General of the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) Chester Humphrey is back on the frontline representing workers.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that the veteran trade unionist has formed a consultancy firm and is currently representing an employee who was recently sacked by the Grenada Football Association (GFA).

According to one official, the local FA decided to dismiss the employee in the wake of recent general elections in which outgoing President Chenny Joseph was replaced at the helm of the organization by Marlon Glean.

He said the sacked employee, believed to be a strong supporter of Joseph, claimed that he had a contract which would result in him having to be paid for two years if he was sacked.

The GFA is contending that the contract did not exist prior to the election and change in the leadership of the sporting body.

The official is said to have presented the contract to GFA executive members as the basis of his relationship with the sporting body following the election.

He indicated that the controversial contract was allegedly signed on February 29 but in June the person did not have any contract.

The letter from GFA sacking the employee indicated that he was fired for “fraudulent conduct.”

The worker then contracted the service of Humphrey, the former President of the Grenada senate, who approached the football body to resolve the issue.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the GFA refused to meet with Humphrey who then approached the Ministry of Labour to intervene in the matter.

GFA reportedly wrote the Ministry of Labour stating that it will not be negotiating with anyone who was dismissed as “a fraud.”

The official said that GFA has adopted the position that the individual has been fired and there is no need for Mediation as requested by Humphrey to address the matter.

The former TAWU boss is also known to be representing a worker in the tourism sector in a matter before the Ministry of Labour.

Humphrey has been a dominant figure in the local trade union movement and headed TAWU for over 30 years in many grueling battles on the labour front, before his association with the NNP administration.

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