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Carriacou man on 7 counts of Rape

Kevin Mc Farlane – being escorted by a police officer last week Wednesday from the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court

A 34-year-old man from Carriacou who was exonerated of two counts of Rape at the end of his trial in the High Court approximately two weeks ago, is currently on remand at the Richmond Hill Prison on seven (7) charges of Rape in connection with an unrelated incident.

Kevin Mc Farlane, a well-known participant of the national singing competitions held in the sister isles, was remanded to prison when he appeared before Magistrate Francine Foster at the Carriacou Magistrate’s Court in Hillsborough.

THE NEW TODAY has received confirmation that the new rape charges are being brought against Mc Farlane by a relative of longstanding Barrister-at-Law, Anselm Clouden, who represented him during his High Court trial, which was conducted before High Court Judge, Justice Paula Gilford at the St. George’s No. 1 High Court on Young Street.

Mc Farlane was denied bail when he appeared before the Carriacou Magistrate’s Court in connection with the new rape charges.

The accused was represented by Attorney-at-Law, George Prime when he appeared in court for mentioning of the case before Acting Chief Magistrate Teddy St. Louis last week Wednesday at the St. George’s No. 1 Magistrate’s Court.

He is due to make the next appearance before the Carriacou Magistrate’s Court on February 20.

In the High Court matter, the jury returned not guilty verdicts for Mc Farlane on two counts of Rape and one count of Kidnapping but found him culpable on the Assault charge at the end of the trial.

The earlier charges had stemmed from an alleged incident dating back to April 2015 involving Mc Farlane and former lover of six (6) years.

According to the evidence presented to the court during the two-week trial, the young woman had gotten a restraining order against Mc Farlane, who she claimed was both verbally and physically abusive to her in their 6-year relationship.

The woman claimed that although she had moved on with her life, she agreed to meet with Mc Farlane in the vicinity of the mangrove area at Lauriston, where the sexual encounter took place.

Due to the sensitive nature of the offences, the media was not allowed inside the court room.

However, it appears that the Prosecution team, led by Crown Counsel Brendon La Touche failed in its attempt to prove that Mc Farlane raped the complainant during two separate incidents at the mangroves area at Lauriston and at his family home.

Experienced criminal defense attorney, Barrister-at-Law Anselm Clouden, who represented the accused was able to convince the jury to reach a conclusion in favour of his client.

Speaking with reporters after the decision was handed down, Clouden said that the jury did not buy into the complainant’s testimony that she consented to have sexual intercourse with Mc Farlane out of fear.

According to the evidence presented during the trial, the complainant said she felt afraid of Mc Farlane but she never demonstrated any such fear and went with him to his parents home where they engaged in recreational and sexual activities.

The court also learned that another individual, who was described as a friend of her boss, went to the Hillsborough Police Station and made a complaint that she was kidnapped and being held at Mc Farlane’s house.

Clouden told reporters: “…This is the mystery that the jury themselves had to deal with. She said she never told her boss that she was kidnapped (and) when the police had visited Mc Farlane’s house, she never indicated to them that she was kidnapped.

“She never told anyone she came into contact with at his house that she was kidnapped and she never told anyone that she was raped because the mother (of McFarlane) and herself spoke the same day and he even sent his brother to get water for her to wash up before getting ready to take her home. He (the accused) said that he never forced her to do anything. He was trying to reconcile with her, they met and rekindled their love affair for a day and that was it,” he added.

According to Clouden, he suspected that the woman decided to change her story “in order to get over the embarrassment to her man who she was living with.

“…She cried rape and this is what is happening in this place now – women going out with men engaging in sexual intercourse but if the boyfriend discovers, in order to continue that relationship, they cry rape.

Although, he was exonerated from the more serious charges of Rape and Kidnapping, Mc Farlane could be penalised on the Assault charge with sentencing scheduled for April 2.

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