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Carriacou father wants police to press charges against son for beating him

Ken Maturine – a person of interest in the bloody event

He kept coming up in my face and say, what you looking for you go get it, what you want you go get it. He come up and he cuff me in the face, scramble me, throw me on the ground, kick and cuff me…

Those were the words of Carriacou resident Slim Maturine as he spoke of an ordeal Tuesday in which one of his sons, Ken “Rolling Stone” attacked him after he confronted his mother for coming onto his property illegally and cutting down a running vine on a fence that he erected to separate his plot of land from them.

The father had divorced his first wife, Maureen several years ago and remarried to a Barbados-born lady by the name of Linda who is now living with him on the sister isle.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY, the elderly Maturine said he had made several complaints over the years to the police in Carriacou about acts of aggression against him and his wife by his ex-wife and their children but nothing serious had been done about it.

He felt that politics is at play since one of his children with Maureen, is the current Minister of Legal Affairs and Member of Parliament for Carriacou & Petite Martinique, Kindra Maturine-Stewart who is not on speaking terms with him.

According to the father, the latest disturbance which resulted in him getting three stitches to the face from the attack, started after he objected to his ex-wife coming onto his plot of land to cut a running vine on a fence.

He said the property originally belonged to his mother but he allowed Maureen, who is from Mardi Gras in St. Paul and moved up to Carriacou to live with him after the marriage to remain there undisturbed even after the divorce as they had seven children together.

He spoke of telling the ex-wife, “Maureen you have no right to come up here to cut on my side of the fence … to cut my vine on the fence – cut what is on your side.”

He said she had the right to cut down anything on her side of the fence but not to come onto his property to do any cutting.

“Ah say, no this lady looking for confusion again. The son come out – which is our last boy and say the fence is his mother’s fence, his mother that put up the fence. The mother knows definitely that the fence is mine.

“He (the son) keep coming up in my face and say, what you looking for you go get it, what you want you go get it. He come up and he cuff me in the face, scramble me, throw me on the ground, kick and cuff me with my funeral clothes on me”.

The father stated that they also let loose a big dog while his son was beating him on the ground and it kept biting him on the calf of his leg.

“With the kicking and cuffing on the ground, I have black scars under my eyes and bruises,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

According to Slim, his wife who was coming to his assistance was also attacked by his youngest son.

“He start on her – cuffing and kicking again. She fall down with a wooden tray (in hand). The edge of that (tray) cut her in the head. That is how it played out,” he said.

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Slim pointed out that it was only the youngest son who attacked him but another one soon came and both of them then attacked his current wife.

He said: “When my wife come to release him (the youngest son) from me, the other son – the bigger one – drove down in a quick speed, don’t know what is happening, what created that, he jumped out of the vehicle and come with a cutlass running into our yard.”

Asked if the other son used the cutlass on anybody, the father said: “No, he didn’t get to hit her, she had time run into the house. The mother (the ex-wife) came behind him and pulled him back and say, you going to get yourself in trouble, come back, come back, (Ken) done deal with her already – he done give her she share.”

Slim insisted that he found Maureen to be very unreasonable since she does not talk with him for years and also put the children against him but will leave her side of the property and come into his portion to cut his vine which has bearing flowers on it.

He made mention of several other instances of acts of provocation by the ex-wife and some of the children against both him and his second wife.

He said he had erected a fence to keep them from going into another nearby plot of land and the last son came and pulled it down.

This incident, he said happened “a couple years ago and the police did come and tell him to put it back up”.

The father disclosed that shortly after his wife came to live with him from Barbados, they had a gardener planting peas for them and the big son came and cut down everything and told his new wife that she was planting too close to them.

Slim said the female government minister is the second of the 7 children with his ex-wife and during the campaign for the 2018 general election on the side of the ruling New National Party (NNP), she decided to wash her “dirty linen” in public by disowning him as her father by saying that he never provided assistance to her while growing up as a young girl.

The father reportedly responded to the attack by providing the public with receipts of financial assistance given to the senior government minister.

Slim’s current wife told THE NEW TODAY that the minister had stayed in her house in Barbados for 10 days free of cost as she looked for an apartment near to the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) to study law.

The ex-wife is also the aunt of retired New York policeman, Nimrod Olliviere who is trying to get the nod from the ruling New National Party (NNP) to contest the St George North-east seat in the next general election.

Slim visited the Princess Royal Hospital on Tuesday and received three stitches from his eyelash down to his nose.

He also issued a statement to the police on Tuesday night about the incident and was told that he needed to get a Medical Report before the police could take action in the matter.

The father is insisting that he will request the police to press charges against “Rolling Stone” for the attack on him.