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Bringing Christmas cheer

GM, members of the BOD and member of staff making presentation to beneficiary

Members of the National Water and Sewerage Authority’s (NAWASA) Board of Directors, joined the 2019 Christmas Hamper distribution team, in putting smiles on the faces of some of the most deserving individuals, in communities across the island.

For the sixteenth consecutive year, NAWASA honoured its corporate social responsibility, through its Annual Christmas Food Hamper Promotion.

Chairman of the BOD, Anthony MacLeish, Deputy Chairman Ferron Lowe and Board Director Senator Christopher DeAllie, accompanied General Manager, Christopher Husbands and his team in delivering hampers to individuals – all nominated by NAWASA customers, who, in some cases, looked beyond their own needs.

Sen. De Allie notes that NAWASA’s Annual Christmas Hamper Promotion is an integral part of its corporate social responsibility.

“It’s part of our corporate social responsibility to take care of those who have paved the way for us and so, for NAWASA and of course all the employees, it is important that we recognise and give back…generally, this is what we’re supposed to do as corporate citizens,” he said.

The sentiments expressed by the beneficiaries were all similar – “it is a great help,” said one recipient, who was overwhelmed with joy at being chosen.

Another beneficiary noted, “I am feeling so happy this morning. I never ever got anything. I prefer to give, rather than get; so, as I get this, I am so happy”.

The Hamper Distribution Team inclusive of members of the Board of Directors

Yet another beneficiary welcomed the surprise, saying “very good man, NAWASA remember me. Thanks very much for the gift and as far as I’m concerned, it will do me well for Christmas”.

One of the nominators was on hand to witness the delivery and shared her joy.

“I feel so happy to know that you all are delivering a hamper to Mr. Fortune”.

Communications Supervisor, Jamila Samuel said that “it is NAWASA’s way of saying thank you to its customers and we are grateful that with such a simple gesture we can make a difference in the lives of those most in need”.

She also noted that “for the first time, members of the Board of Directors got a first-hand view of the effect of their approval on those who need it most”.

NAWASA continues to be committed to honouring its corporate social responsibility, while meeting the needs of customers, in ways other than just the provision of a safe adequate and reliable water supply.

A total of 40 hampers were distributed to individuals on mainland Grenada and the sister isles of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

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