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Ben Brathwaite quits as Chairman of Grenlec

Benedict Brathwaite – has quit as Grenlec Chairman

Grenlec has been hit by a major resignation.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Chairman of the Board of Directors Benedict Brathwaite, the son of former Prime Minister Sir Nicholas Brathwaite, has tendered his resignation from the position after only 13 months on the job.

It’s the first major resignation by the head of a statutory body since the Congress government came to power 14 months ago and appointed persons to serve on the Board of Directors to run the affairs of several state bodies in the country.

According to a well-placed source, Brathwaite is not happy with some of the happenings at the level of the Board and the input of some of the members who seem to be pushing personal agendas.

He cited one member of the board who was linked to a major engine generating company seemingly bent on influencing the Board to lean in the direction of his former employers to purchase equipment from them.

He said that Brathwaite is also apparently uneasy with some of the positions being advanced by other Board members including one of them who is known to be a member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The source pointed at moves afoot by a particular Board member to seek the dismissal of a senior employee without going through due process which could cost Grenlec financially.

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When contacted Tuesday, Brathwaite confirmed that he had tendered his resignation from the position to Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell who expressed some level of disappointment over his decision to resign from the position.

The former Grenlec Chairman declined to comment at the moment on the factors that forced him to quit and brushed aside claims that it had to do with the two board members who are being singled out.

Since Congress came into office, several of the state-owned bodies have been experiencing problems, especially with some Directors appointed to serve on the governing board of the companies.

The most problematic is Gravel & Concrete in which workers have been calling for drastic changes to be made to the Board which is said to be affected due to a split among members.

Political activist and owner of Cathwill’s stationery William Baptiste was removed from the Board following reports that he had used his position to get the state body to purchase furniture and other items from his private company.

Government has also been forced to make changes to the Board of Directors at the National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) by removing Alphonsus Daniel who has been accused of showing lack of respect to the Chairman Phillip Alexander.

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