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Ban on 10 year old vehicles

A leading vehicle parts dealer in Grenada is calling on the Keith Mitchell-led government to make a change to the earlier announced policy to ban the importation of vehicles over 10 years into the country.

The ban is expected to come into force and the end of June.

According to the car dealer, this regulation by government will affect those persons who might only be able to afford a tractor, ambulance and truck over 10 years.

He said that there is need to reconsider the policy when it comes to heavy duty vehicles.

He stated that the reality of the situation is that cars 10 years old and under in Japan are very expensive.

Most of the used cars coming into Grenada are imported directly from Japan.

The source charged that the Mitchell government might have been influenced into making the decision not purely on environmental concerns but to satisfy a small band of new cars dealers including a business operated by the father of the Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the Ministry of Works has approached a number of businesses selling parts for vehicles seeking concessions for bus operators to ease their plight during the coronavirus pandemic.

There are reports that government received a rather lukewarm response from most of the dealers.

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