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Attorney Derick Sylvester calls for full investigation into death of prison inmate

Attorney-at-law Derick Sylvester – wants an investigation into the death

Confirmation of the death of a male inmate at the Richmond Hill Prisons last week Thursday has given rise to calls for a full-fledged investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death.

Attorney Derick Sylvester is among those calling on the State to do “a thorough investigation” into the death of 42-year-old Kenton Phillip, who was serving a life sentence for Capital Murder at the Richmond Hill Prison.

“… If anyone is held to be responsible, they should pay because when an accused man is punished he should be sentenced by the court and by no other authority or being,” said the attorney who issued the call on Wednesday.

Sylvester had provided legal counsel for the deceased who was implicated more than two (2) decades ago, as a co-defendant, along with the notorious Sheldon Bain, Elvon Barry, and Zoyd Clement for the October 8th, 2002 shooting death of Trafficker Omelia Roberts.

Roberts was in her early fifties when she was shot dead in her home at Belmont, St. George during a robbery.

Reports circulated on Social Media that Phillip, who was convicted for the role he played in the killing, was beaten to his death.

However, Commissioner of Prisons Rupert Neckles has refuted the claims and gave details about the background to the death of the inmate.

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He said that Phillip was hospitalised before his death and that an investigation has been launched, and that an autopsy was ordered to determine the cause of death.

Attorney Sylvester indicated that he has been in communication with Prison Commissioner Neckles and pointed out that if the autopsy report reveals that Phillip died as a result of violence and not natural causes then the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution would have to get involved in the matter to ensure that justice is served.

He also revealed that he has been speaking with the mother of the deceased prisoner, who also wants to see a full-fledged investigation launched into the circumstances surrounding her son’s unexpected demise.

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