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Attorney calls for cremation of Covid-19 bodies

The refrigerated container for dead bodies created a stir on Tuesday in the nation when it was put at the Mt Gay Mental Home

As Covid-19 bodies continue to pile up inside local funeral homes, a Grenadian attorney has called on the government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell to implement a policy for mandatory cremation of victims of the virus.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY Tuesday, the attorney-at-law said that the island is running a grave risk with the possible spread of the virus from the dead.

He expressed the view that the cremation method will offer greater protection to the employees of funeral homes, as well as the grieving family members.

“They ain’t coming and touching and crying and grieving because they will get it (Covid-19),” he said.

According to the attorney-at-law, some people for religious reasons like the Muslims will be opposed to cremation but religion is not saving lives right now in the pandemic.

“Religion ain’t stopping viruses – the virus doesn’t stop to prayer and the virus doesn’t care how you pray and worship – it’s killing you. So what you’re going to do – you go make a song and dance about how you do worship, whether it’s a cloth over your head or bend down on a mat and whether you do want a body to wrap and go down in a hole – we ain’t have time for that,” he said.

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“Defeat the virus by any means necessary and you have to use a multiplicity of techniques and measures. This is a time for different measures – a lot of measures have to come together to control this thing,” he added.

The attorney-at-law also made some passing remarks about the limited curfew imposed by the Keith Mitchell-led ruling New National Party (NNP) government in the fight against rising Covid-19 figures on the island in recent weeks.

He said: “This is not just about curfew – that is not enough. In fact with the death tolls going up it shows that this measure (curfew) is ineffective and useless because people already have it and they’re staying in their homes and fester it. So telling them don’t come outside is not helping”.

“This is a public health crisis and a government should not be showing signs that it is panicking. When your leadership in panic, you have what you call mayhem, you ain’t have no leadership – the government gone,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

Grenada has seen more than 50 Covid-19 related deaths within the last three weeks including several elderly persons living in Homes.