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Attempt to frame a police officer with rape

File photo of female police officers at an Independence parade at the National Stadium

A second female police officer has come forward to expose some of the darkest and hidden secrets about sexual abuse and misconduct by senior officers within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

THE NEW TODAY was approached by an intermediary of a female officer who was too scared to personally give details about her horrifying experience in which an Acting Superintendent of Police tried to get her to make a false report on her police boyfriend to get him charged for the criminal offense of rape.

In the recording obtained, the police officer is heard saying that she had consented to have a personal relationship with another low-ranking officer but her superiors were upset and apparently wanted her to end it.

According to the female officer, the senior members of the force want all the female members of staff to engage in sexual affairs only with them and not those of a lower rank.

She claimed that a senior member of RGPF approached her, stating that they had information that she was having sex in the station with the boyfriend.

She denied it on the grounds that she was living very close to the station and had no need to engage in such activities on the police compound.

However, she was transferred with immediate effect to another station.

According to the female officer, the Acting Superintendent met with her at the new posting and requested that she signed a document alleging that the junior police officer had forced her to have sex in order for press criminal charges against him.

She said she refused to co-operate on the grounds that the police officer was her lover and what was being suggested to her was very far from the truth.

The female officer was heard in the recording saying: “A lot of them (police in Khaki clothes) used to trouble me. I don’t really care about your rank or your status in society, if I like you I like you and not because you have a Khaki suit ah go play foolish and take you.

I genuinely liked this guy (Junior police officer). We had a relationship before I joined the force and I ain’t lying when I joined we ended up having a little relationship.

We had the relationship when I used to work in (name of station withheld). He left (name of station) and then I heard that he had a girlfriend and I sort of fell out with him.”

According to the female officer, she was transferred to another station where the junior officer was working and in no time a rumour went around that both of them were having sex in the station.

“(Name of senior police officer) called me and say a source who does not wish to be identified say that you and the (junior officer) does have sex in the station and you will be transferred with immediate effect – no notice, nothing, they transferred me,” she said.

In the recording made available to THE NEW TODAY, the female police officer indicated that this Acting Superintendent approached her at the new workplace with a proposition.

She said: “(Name withheld of senior officer) told me that I could save myself. Ah say save myself how? He say write a report to him and tell him that the (junior officer) sexually assaulted me. I say why would I do that if that didn’t happen to me – how could I lie on somebody and say that happened?”

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The officer said she bluntly refused to lie on the junior officer and was swiftly transferred to another police station for not co-operating.

She also said that she got the impression that these senior police officers were trying to use her to get at the junior officer.

“I really don’t like this part where they told me to write a report on the (name of junior police officer). I don’t like that,” she added.

The female police officer spoke of not giving her boyfriend the specifics of the attempt to frame him for rape but warned him to be extremely careful on the job.

“Even last week I spoke with him and he told me if I had written that report you know I would have been in jail or locked up somewhere but I wouldn’t lie on somebody and say that somebody did that to me.”

The female officer also admitted that while in the relationship with the junior officer, there were “other khaki” clothes police officers who were pursuing her constantly as “drakes” for a personal relationship but she never bothered with them.

She called the names of at least three of them in the tape recording.

The female officer said that one of the three who came to work at her police posting often promoted the rights of women on the job but soon it became clear that he had an ulterior motive.

She charged that it was nothing but a smokescreen to try to seduce female police officers to have sex with him.

She said that she was also transferred to another station which was run by a Superintendent of Police and he constantly harassed her about having sex with him after doing a favour for her.

She said she never really wanted to speak out about the sexual abuse and harassment within RGPF but realise that is how “the force goes”.

She indicated that this particular Superintendent of Police often brought gifts to try and seduce her to go into bed with him.

She was also heard in the recording indicating that in recent days some of the officers in Khaki were trying to blame her for the first report put out by THE NEW TODAY on sex abuse in the police force on the grounds that a portion of the letter made mention of a similar incident that happened and which she was personally involved in.

“These people once they can’t get you and they can’t get you back, it’s a whole set of issues. I can’t bear it anymore,” she remarked.

The female officer also made mention of an incident in which an officer holding the rank of Acting Superintendent of Police wanted her to write a report saying that she saw a junior police officer go into the female barracks at a rural station behind an officer but she refused to do it because she did not see anything like that happen.

“I will never be with a police again. I was with one once but never me again – never,” she said.

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