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Attack on Bert Brathwaite

Dr. Bert Brathwaite - a longstanding associate of the NNP

A former executive member of the main Opposition New National Party (NNP) has lashed out at
Medical Doctor Bert Brathwaite for remarks made against defeated Grenada Prime Minister Dr.
Keith Mitchell.

Appearing on a local media programme last week, Dr. Brathwaite called on Dr. Mitchell and the
NNP to pave the way for the holding of the party’s annual convention to elect a new political

Speculation is rife within NNP quarters that Dr. Brathwaite and a few “old guards” in the party
are pushing for Dr. Mitchell to step down and hand over the leadership of the party to Peter
David, the former Agriculture Minister and Ex-General Secretary of the Congress party.
According to the former top member of NNP, the Barbadian-born Dr. Brathwaite is engaged in
what he termed “political opportunism” due to the changing tide of the NNP in the Grenada
political context.

“All Bert Brathwaite looking for is another hole where he could shove his head. He realise Keith
(Mitchell) gone through and when he analyse he see Peter as the best bet to continue his

“That is what is going on dey. He (Brathwaite) realise Keith gone through and all Bert doing is to
find another hole, another shoulder to lean on.”

Dr. Brathwaite has been considered a close friend of Dr. Mitchell over the years and often
defended him publicly in the face of many attacks against him.
When Dr. Mitchell led the NNP to the first of his five victories in national elections back in 1995,
Dr. Brathwaite was the first person to enter his private home at Happy Hill in St George North-
west to join in the celebrations.

On Tuesday, the long-standing General Secretary of NNP Roland Bhola told the GBN morning
programme known as “To The Point” that the party is paying close attention to recent
utterances made by Dr. Brathwaite to decide whether to haul him before the Disciplinary

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The former NNP Executive member also told THE NEW TODAY that he ruled out former
Education Minister Emmalin Pierre from the list of candidates to replace the aging 77-year old
Mitchell as the new political leader of the party.
“Emmalin cannot become leader of the party – it’s impossible,” he said of Pierre, whose
intellectual capacity has come under scrutiny for the position.

According to the former senior NNP executive member, it is quite possible that the party will
have to look at a compromise candidate instead of David and Pierre.
He said that Dr. Mitchell will be hard pressed to give support to David as his successor in light of information he had been exposed to about the former Congress member and some of his
alleged questionable dealings while practicing law in the United States.

David is also said to be facing stiff opposition in his bid to become the new political leader of
NNP from Mitchell’s deputy, Gregory Bowen, the former Minister of Public Utilities.
Bowen is said to be throwing his support behind Dwight Horsford, who is about to end his stint
in Anguilla as the Attorney General of the small British dependency and is due back home within
a matter of months.

A party insider said that if Dr. Mitchell decides not to contest the post of Political Leader of NNP
at the convention most likely to be held in the September/October period, the odds are heavily
stacked for Horsford to take over the party as the new political boss.
The NNP has been doing “house-cleaning” since losing the June 2022 general election to a
resurgent Congress under the leadership of political newcomer Dickon Mitchell, a 47-year old
attorney-at-law by profession.

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