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Armed robbers get away with $35, 000.00

These are the men that police investigators are looking to apprehend for questioning about the armed robbery

Grenada police have started a massive manhunt for three men suspected to be involved in an armed robbery Tuesday, of a business place in the Calliste area.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the robbery took place at Big Mac Enterprise owned by businessman Benjamin Romain at approximately 12.15 p.m.

The lawmen have in their possession pictures taken by security cameras of the suspects moments before the incident.

A police bulletin said that its officers were called into action in connection with a report made about a “Robbery with Violence which took place at a business establishment in the south of the island.”

“Initial enquiries revealed that two masked men, armed with guns, entered the business place and demanded money. They also threatened to use violence against a worker. The men made off with a significant amount of cash,” the police report said.

According to a police insider, the investigators believe that a third person had provided assistance to those who entered the business premises.

There are unconfirmed reports that the armed robbers got away with approximately EC$35, 000.00 in cash and were seen heading in the direction of True Blue.

According to a well-placed source the monies placed in white envelopes were taken from the cashier drawer.

“I feel it was an inside job. They know the people they robbed had a lot of money and they planned the escape route,” he said.

The source stated that Romain is known to always have a substantial amount of cash on hand to pay suppliers for their sour sop which he ships out on a regular basis mainly to the U.S market.

He said that Big Mac Enterprise has been doing a lucrative business with local farmers who receive cash payment on the spot for their produce.

A resident in the south told THE NEW TODAY that police officers were seen “all over True Blue” within minutes of the armed robbery.

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