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Appeal from hospital workers

A nurse was captured trying to fight her way through the tough terrain that is the hospital steps

This government don’t like poor people – if anyone of the ministers had to pass dey, that would ah clear up already

Several hospital workers have called THE NEW TODAY seeking assistance to get the Keith Mitchell-led government to address a land slippage which is hampering access by pedestrians to the St. George’s General Hospital.

A reporter visited the area and noticed a landslide with debris and fallen small trees on the steps leading from the Sendall Tunnel up to the General Hospital.

According to the workers this happened since Friday during the heavy rainfall brought on by the passage of Hurricane Elsa which badly affected Barbados.

THE NEW TODAY reporter who visited the site at 2.00 p.m. Monday indicated he saw several persons struggling to go up and come down over the much-frequented steps to the hospital due to the heavy pile up of rubble.

An angry nurse in blue uniform was critical of the approach of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell in addressing the issue since the steps are frequented by persons coming to visit the hospital on foot to attend to the needs of their loved ones.

“This government don’t like poor people – if anyone of the ministers had to pass dey, that would ah clear up already,” she said.

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The worker said she noticed over a period of time that the NNP regime often reacts when articles are brought to the attention of the powers-that-be by THE NEW TODAY.

“It is only when The New Today put out something that Keith Mitchel and them do anything. Thanks to your all,” she remarked.

Under Mitchell’s NNP, the Public Workers Department of the Ministry of Works has been disbanded and several scopes of work are now given out on contract to the private sector which takes time to materialise.

Most of the work related to clearance of government roads from heavy landslides are now given to businesses with heavy-duty equipment.