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Another Chinese plane lands at MBIA

Maurice Bishop International Airport

Acting chief medical officer, Dr Francis Martin will not confirm or deny reports that another plane carrying Chinese nationals landed this afternoon at the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

When contacted by a reporter from THE NEW TODAY newspaper, Dr  Martin said he is not authorized to speak on the matter.

He said that after all the necessary procedures are followed that either he or the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health will address the issue.

Fifteen minutes later Health Minister Nicholas Steele confirmed that the plane with the Chinese nationals did land at the airport.

However, Minister Steele said that Grenada will not allow the passengers to disembark and is turning the Chinese away since they were on Mainland China in the last 14 days.

He indicated that the plane came to Grenada from the Cape Verdes.

Speculation is rife that the Keith Mitchell government in St George is looking to bring in Chinese investors to do a number of projects on the island.

The dreaded and deadly coronavirus started in China late last year and is responsible for many deaths around the world.