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Another attack on police

The state of lawlessness, including attacks on police officers, is continuing in Grenada under the Keith Mitchell-led ruling New National Party (NNP) administration.

A police official confirmed to THE NEW TODAY that members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) were pelted with stones Saturday night in the Mirabeau area of the rural St. Andrew North-west constituency of Social Development Minister, Delma Thomas.

The official did not give details of the incident as the matter is currently under investigation.

However, a police insider said that a government vehicle which carries the registration No. TAG 510 was vandalised in the assault on the police and an officer named RC Roberts “received some lashes from stones and bottles.”

“The police had to seek shelter in a nearby building,” he remarked.

There has been no official bulletin put out by the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the police force on this latest attack on the lawmen.

In April, three police officers including an Inspector of Police were left nursing injuries following a violent attack on them by an unruly crowd that assembled during the staging of the River Sallee Saraka spiritual ritual in the St. Patrick East constituency.

A senior police officer told THE NEW TODAY that this latest attack on police officers last night is a reflection of the general breakdown of law and order, as well as the lack of respect for authority and the breakdown of discipline in the country.

He said that it is currently widespread and prevalent in the society but only comes to the fore because the attack is on members of the police force.

According to the officer, the lockdown of the country by the security forces due to the coronavirus pandemic has something to do with the growing violence in Grenada as there is less money in circulation and limited opportunities for people to get involved in a wide range of activities to keep them more occupied in the country.

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He recalled that a few years ago there were similar attacks on police officers through stone throwing incidents especially in rural Grenada and it eventually died down.

The senior cop said he expected to see a drop in this kind of behaviour once the country re-opens fully and people have additional funds in their pockets and to allow parties and other similar activities to take place.

“When you hear you have a rise in lawlessness, a rise in lack of respect you will get that (attack on the police) and it happens in two ends of the spectrum – one when you have extra money and two when you don’t have money and that is what is happening.

“This side of the spectrum – it ain’t have (money in circulation). So when things open like election and money start spending – that is the other end of the spectrum that is going to start again where fellas have money and they feel they could do anything”.

The senior cop pointed out that most of the persons arrested by the police for engaging in hostile acts against members of the force often come from a background of having no responsibility at home and to family and nothing to work towards in terms of achievements in life.

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