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Annadale Woman pleads not guilty to manslaughter

Shermika Mc Phie - charged in the shooting death of her best friend Nigel Cadore

A woman was among several individuals arraigned before female High Court Judge, Justice Paula Gilford for various criminal offences at the St. George’s No. 1 High Court on Monday.

Facing a Manslaughter charge for the July 2017 shooting death of her best friend Nigel Cadore is Shermika Mc Phie of Annadale, St. George who pleaded not guilty in the matter which came up for the first time in the opening of the May Criminal Assizes.

Cadore, a truck driver from Mont Toute, Grand Anse, died after being shot in the head with a pellet gun in an incident that occurred at Annadale.

Mc Phie, who was 25-years-old at the time of the fatal incident has retained the services of Ciboney Chambers law firm to assist her.

She was represented in court Monday by Attorney-at-Law, Patrick Superville, who was holding papers for the firm’s Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Ruggles Ferguson.

The matter is being prosecuted by Crown Counsel Brendon La Touche, who did not object to bail for the manslaughter accused woman, which the court granted in the sum of EC$100, 000.00, with two (2) sureties.

However, the female judge, who is from Guyana, imposed a condition that Mc Phie commits no other offence while on bail.

Mc Phie, who faces a maximum penalty of 30 years imprisonment was further warned that should she breach this condition, bail will be revoked forthwith. The matter has been adjourned to July 17.

Meanwhile, in another matter at Monday’s sitting, Glen Andrew, of Mt. Rose, St. Patrick pleaded guilty to Non-Capital Murder in connection with the January 15, 2018 murder of former police officer Curtis Calliste, who was a resident of the same village.

Glen Andrew – pleads guilty to causing the death of former police officer Curtis Calliste

The now convicted man retained the services of American-trained Attorney-at-Law Jerry Edwin to defend him in what was the first murder recorded for 2018.

Calliste was reportedly found dead on the floor of a house in the area with multiple stab wounds inflicted to the body.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Andrew, who is said to be mentally ill, fled the scene of the crime but was detained hours later during a police search of a nearby area.

Information reaching this newspaper is that the deceased and murder accused were close friends and often spent time in each other’s company.

The court ordered that a psychiatric report be done and Andrew was remanded to the Richmond Hill prison pending sentencing on July 12.

He faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment for the offence.

Meanwhile, Curtis Calliste of St. Mark is back on trial for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old school girl in an incident dating back to 2010.

75-year old Curtis Calliste – pleads not guilty of raping a 13-year old girl

The 75-year-old man appeared before Justice Gilford represented by Attorney Edwin, where he pled not guilty to the charge that was read out to him.

Criminal proceedings were initiated against Baptiste in January 2011 but the matter was controversially dismissed by former magistrate Jerry Seales.

The decision was appealed and in 2013 the Director of Public Prosecution, Christopher Nelson received a favourable ruling following Judicial Review.

The Justices ruled in 2017 that Seales had an obligation to hear all the evidence in the PI before rendering a decision on whether to dismiss the case or commit Baptiste to stand trial in the High Court for rape.

During Monday’s hearing, attorney Edwin expressed difficulty with “a missing file” from proceedings of the case, which was held at the Victoria Magistrate’s Court.

The elderly man was granted EC$30, 000.00 bail with two (2) sureties and was also warned not to commit any criminal offence while on bail.

If convicted, Baptiste faces a maximum penalty of 30 years imprisonment in the rape matter which was adjourned and scheduled to resume before Justice Gilford on May 17.

In another sex-related matter, Belmont, St. George resident, Joel Church pleaded guilty to a charge of ‘having sexual intercourse with a minor between 13 and 16 years of age’ in an incident dating back to February 2017.

The incident reportedly occurred at his home village on February 5, 2017.

The now convicted man retained the services of Attorney-at-Law, Arley Gill who requested bail on his behalf.

He was granted bail in the sum of $25,000 with two (2) sureties and ordered to report to the Central Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.

Church is due back in court on July 12.

Also coming up before Justice Gilford for arraignment on Monday was Bradley Richards, who entered a not guilty plea on a maiming charge.

Bradley Richards – to stand trial on maiming charge

Richards who was just 20 years old when he was arrested and charged for the June 2018 incident, which occurred at the Old Trafford playground and resulted in Shondell Fereira loosing his left wrist.

THE NEW TODAY understands that there was a prior incident in December 2017 between the defendant, victim and another family member which resulted in the June 2018 incident involving the families on both sides.

The maiming accused has retained Attorney-at-Law George Prime for the matter which is scheduled to be heard on July 17.

Also appearing for arraignment before Justice Gilford on Monday was Byron Bernard of Grenville, St. Andrew who was on the run for days when a wanted man bulletin was issued for him following his escape from police custody last September.

Byron Bernard – enters guilty plea to charge of escaping lawful custody

THE NEW TODAY understands that at the time of his escape, Bernard, who had served time in prison for the offence of Manslaughter was being taken in by Grenville police officers for questioning in connection with a robbery incident in the parish.

Represented by Attorney Edwin, the ex-convict, who is currently on remand at the Richmond Hill Prison, appeared before the female judge in chains, where a charge ‘escaping lawful custody’ was read out to him and he offered a guilty plea.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 24 and could receive a maximum penalty not exceeding two (2) years imprisonment if convicted.

Meanwhile, in another matter, La Tante, St. David resident Randy Baptiste, pleaded guilty to the offence of Robbery in connection with an incident that occurred in the Town of St. George last December.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the convicted man used a piece of wood in an attempt to rob his victim on December 18, 2018, in the vicinity of Grand Etang Road in St. George’s.

He faces a maximum penalty not exceeding 20 years for the offence and is scheduled for sentencing on June 21.

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