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Administering school uniform and school assistance programme using machine-readable codes

Education Minister, Senator David Andrew said the move is in keeping with the government’s policy to reduce printing

The Ministry of Education will assist 1800 families under the 2023/2024 School Uniform and School Assistance Programme, which has been upgraded from printing vouchers to the use of machine readable codes, according to Education Minister, Senator David Andrew.

The minister provided the statistics on the number of applications received during Tuesday’s sitting of the Upper House of Parliament.

He said that “over 1600 of them have already been sent their QR codes” and spoke of there being “a few glitches with some (200) entries, which are being rectified.”

Sen. Andrew, who is a former acting Chief Education Officer (CEO) announced the start of the programme via a Facebook Live facilitated by the Government Information Service (GIS), last week Thursday, nine (9) days shy of the start of the new school year.

He said that the QR Codes will be communicated to beneficiaries “via text” message.

However, he noted that persons who applied for the assistance via email will also receive their QR codes “via email as well.”

“Once you receive those, you are free to go to the vendors in your various communities across Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique to have your purchases made,” he told the sitting of the Upper House.

Minister Andrew informed the House that additional information surrounding who the vendors are, and the steps to be taken to utilise the new system will be provided to beneficiaries “through press releases (and) videos.”

“The (machine readable code) machines are already stationed at the vendors…they are being trained,” said the government minister, who did not disclose the number of vendors partnered with on the initiative.

QR codes, also called ‘barcodes’, are used to identify products in stores, and are a representation of numerals and characters consisting of bars and spaces that are machine-readable and coded into square or circular shapes.

The new system, which was facilitated with assistance from the Department of ICT, comes just over a year since the Congress administration came into office in June 2022.

According to the Education Minister, the use of the QR Codes is “in keeping with the government’s policy to reduce printing.”

“At this point, we are very happy that we are able to move away from the paper-based voucher… as we move forward to an era where we capitalise and benefit from the technologies,” he said.

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