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A Real Big Book!

William Joseph has authored a truly ‘must- read’ book entitled, “The Grenada Revolution…Answers, Legacies and Footprints: A Leadership Guide to the Young Grenadian”.

This carefully-written book is unique in many respects. It not only provides deep insights into key aspects of the Revolution from a cultural perspective, but its analytical treatment of decision-making and conduct during the ‘Revo’ is deeply revealing stuff, sometimes described as “landmark observations”.

The book stamps a powerful indictment against ‘Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism’, the ideological source of the New Jewel Movement, the party leading the Grenada Revolution. Ultimately, the members became an elitist group who foolishly preferred to be known as Communists rather than as revolutionaries.

The difference is very significant as one does not have to be a Communist to be a revolutionary. The Revolution was lost because Coard and his cohorts did not understand the difference; neither did they understand the culture of the Grenadian people.

Beyond the Revolution itself, Joseph discusses important issues of leadership, development, culture, character, poverty, the National Anthem, governance, reconciliation and more in his laudable contribution to Grenadian literature, education and heritage.

The book communicates a serious concern about the welfare of the citizens and seeks to enable the young Grenadian to appreciate the positives and to avoid and learn from the negatives of the revolutionary period. The author calls on young leaders to safeguard the future of Grenada and suggests how that might be achieved.

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One highly-qualified and widely-read Grenadian who has read the book has commented that in addition to being generally enlightening and riveting, it provides “fresh perspectives that were lacking in other books on the Revolution”.

Get your ‘lifetime’ copy of this truly exceptional work. It is honest enough to declare the Grenada Revolution to be a National Heritage Asset, and patriotic enough to declare that Grenada deserves better!

Post Script.

Mr. Joseph has indicated to the ‘New Today’ that he will give fifty (50) copies of his book to the secondary schools in Grenada. This Newspaper commends him and appeals to corporate Grenada to join in the effort to educate the young people on matters of national importance.

The book is available on Amazon, Art and Soul and the author himself.

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