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$5500.00 fine imposed on crew members of Harbour Master

The four convicted Trinidad crew members of the Harbour Master

Grenada’s Chief Magistrate, Teddy St Louis, has imposed fines of EC $5500.00 each on the four Trinidadians who pleaded guilty Monday to charges of Grievous Harm on World Javelin champion, Anderson Peters, and to Causing Harm to his policeman brother, Kiddon Peters, following a brawl one week ago on the party boat, Harbour Master.

In handing down the sentence just over an hour ago at the St George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court, St. Louis said the incident that took place did not warrant him giving any custodial sentence on the four – John Alexander, Mikhail John, Noel cooper and Sheon Jack – based on the evidence that were produced by both the Prosecution and Defence attorney, Cajeton Hood.

The Magistrate said the incident was rather unfortunate and ordered the Trinis to each pay $3500.00 on the conviction against the World Javelin thrower and another $2000.00 each in the incident involving the brother.

He told the court that the eyes of the world are on the small Caribbean island given the personality involved but the court has to determine the issue based on the evidence presented before it.

He said that many Grenadians might not be happy with the sentence due to their lack of knowledge of what actually happened on the boat and their inability to understand the law that has to be applied.

Magistrate St Louis said it is clear that from the evidence provided  it was a provoked incident and hinted that Anderson Peters played a pivotal role in the brawl that took place on the party boat.

He expressed disappointment that neither Peters or his brother was not in court to hear the arguments put forward by both sides.

The world Javelin champion was said to be absent due to an engagement with a medical doctor.

Both the Prosecution and Defence indicated in their summing up that Peters was told to leave the boat by the crew members as they wanted to prepare the Harbour Master for another excursion.

In his statement to the police, the world Javelin champion said he was leaving the boat as instructed to by the crew but stopped off to engage in a conversation with his brother who was also on the cruise.

A crew member again engaged Peters on leaving the boat and things then got out of hand resulting in the physical confrontation.

The boat captain alleged that Peters spat in his face and then the brawl started.

The Chief Magistrate told the court that he faulted the Trinidadians for not going to the nearby Police Station on the Carenage to seek the assistance of lawmen in getting Peters off the boat instead of taking the law into their own hands.

He said the fines will have to be paid “forthwith” and in default the Anderson Peters convicts will be sentenced to one year in prison and to 6-months in the matter involving Kiddon Peters.

Chief Magistrate St Louis sat patiently in his chair as defense attorney, Cajeton Hood, made out a case for a custodial sentence to be ruled on in the matter.

According to Hood, the evidence showed that his clients did not even know it was Anderson Peters who was on the boat and the incident that happened was not intentional.

The defense attorney reminded the Chief Magistrate that the Harbour Master has strict rules in place including a ban on crew members from consuming alcohol while on duty.

The Chief Magistrate also considered his argument that the seven days in custody was a sufficient custodial sentence on the four Trinidadians and did not warrant him sending them to the Richmond Hill prison to spend time in jail.

The attorneys are currently trying to raise the money to pay the court in order to secure the release of the convicted crew members of the boat.

Another defense attorney, Derick Sylvester has filed civil proceedings before the Supreme Court Registry to seek monetary compensation from the Trinidadians on behalf of Anderson Peters.

Sylvester is also known to have taken legal action for the Harbour Master to be arrested pending the outcome of the civil proceedings.

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