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4-Roads again

Police have once again raided the infamous area in the city known as “4-Roads” considered a major haven for illegal activities especially drug trading in the country.

Residents told THE NEW TODAY that a party of heavily armed lawmen moved into the area on Monday and targeted one house in particular in their latest operation there.

One person called to report that “the cops are at it again” and have surrounded (name of house withheld) where three individuals suspected to be involved in illegal activities are living.

He said the police kept knocking on the door of the house for almost half-an-hour but the occupants did not open up for them.

“They are inside (but) not opening up,” he said, adding that after almost one hour passed, one of the occupants “opened the door after dozens of police officers joined the team”.

“He (the main drug suspect) came out with a little child on his shoulders. The cops are in and around the (house) performing their duties,” the source told THE NEW TODAY.

According to well-placed sources, the police were able to recover a large quantity of marijuana from a nearby house that is occupied by a male resident who was taken into custody.

After two days of questioning, the man was released after providing the police with information on who might have hidden the drugs in the building.

About two weeks ago, a police raiding party had searched the house occupied by the three men and reportedly found a large sum of money believed to be in the region of EC$50, 000.00 in cash.

One person was reportedly arrested and charged by police for engaging in money-laundering.

Residents in the area have expressed concern about the activities of those young men in that house which is known to be owned by an elderly lady considered to be a very respectable citizen.

According to one resident, the old lady is forced to go through distress in her own home because one of her siblings brought his son who is allegedly involved in the drug business to live with her.

“It’s a shame what the 95-year old grandmother (has) to endure. The police brought her in the road (on Monday) more than an hour standing against a vehicle. The neighbours up here are saying it’s a shame that boy just come there to be a company for her two years now – his father brought him there and now people can’t even go to visit her.”

Earlier in the month, police were called into 4-Roads after gunmen stormed into the area and fired shots near the home of another man known to be involved in illegal activities.

One of the gunmen is said to be from another volatile area in the south known as “Saigon”.

4-Roads is a major player in the Town of St. George in the illegal drug trade and some of the persons using the area to engage in their illegal activities are suspected to have links with gangs operating in Trinidad & Tobago and St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

Police have not been able to get on top of the illegal activities in this small area in the city that is notorious for illegal activities.