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4-Roads – A growing headache

Illegal guns and ammunition, as well as drugs are the main items traded in the Underworld of crime

Is the police force losing the war against illegal activities at 4-Roads in the town of St George constituency held by Agriculture Minister, Peter David?

That’s the question being asked by many law-abiding citizens living in the small community following a spate of recent illegal activities on 4-Roads.

Residents called THE NEW TODAY to report about a daring daylight attack on an individual suspected of being involved in the illegal drug trade by two armed gunmen early Monday morning.

About 48-hours earlier, gunshots were fired off on 4-Roads just after midnight on Saturday.

According to one resident, the masked gunmen fired shots at one individual in particular without hitting him and then fled the area.

He said that one of the assailants passed in the front section of the house where the man is living and one in the back and both of them fired shots before fleeing.

One gunman ran up towards the nearby Old Fort area and the other towards St. Joseph’s Convent which is about 300 yards away.

The source indicated that the word in the underworld is that “drugs and money” are at stake.

“It is said that (name withheld) was on the bus terminal Saturday evening flashing around huge piles of money which is owed to a Drug Lord in Woburn,” he remarked.

Another resident in the area said that one of the gunmen is believed to be from an area in the south of the island known as “Saigon” – a hotbed for illegal activities.

He described this particular individual as “tall, slender built and dark skin” and that the man who was fired upon apparently knew who attacked him.

There are reports alleging that the man who was attacked called in the Police and a party of officers came into the area.

However, the following day, several police vehicles moved into 4-Roads around 5.00 a.m. searching for illegal drugs, as well as arms and ammunition.

The heavily armed lawmen which included members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Special Services Unit (SSU) were seen searching several buildings including abandoned structures.

One resident said he heard a knock on his door and it was the police asking him to open up as they were engaged in a search for illegal drugs and arms and ammunition.

An insider said that a shipment of drugs came in recently and are being hidden in various locations around the Town area.

A prominent figure in 4-Roads told THE NEW TODAY that the police are seemingly losing the fight against illegal activities in the area.

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He said: “The drugs and guns are there – they just don’t know where to look for it. A Friday morning or Saturday morning raid driven by proper intelligence would have been more effective.

“On Friday and Saturday nights, activities are heightened – that’s when elements from all over come to drink and smoke late into the night and early morning. That’s when the drugs come out,” he added.

Another angry resident remarked: “The thing is they (police) come with no intelligence whatsoever, always like mad men and women. The police hierarchy need to have men on the ground doing intelligence before they strike. That’s the only way they will find the drugs and guns.”

According to the residents, the police raids were better co-ordinated and “more effective” in the past especially when James Clarkson was serving as Commissioner of Police.

He said: “The police would have blocked out St. Juilles Street, sections of Grenville Street from its intersection with St. John’s Street and Bell Hill from its intersection with upper Williamson Rd and search all the abandoned old buildings and dilapidated structures, passages and residences of suspects.

“Special branch officers would have been strategically stationed since the early night prior to the raid and during the day monitoring movements,” he added.

Some of the law-abiding residents are suspicious of a link between a particular powerful figure on 4-Roads with link to a current government minister and bad elements within the Royal Grenada Police Force.

A source told THE NEW TODAY that within minutes of the police moving out of 4-Roads after carrying out their search the individual showed up.

“That man is the conduit for drugs and guns and appears to have a mole in the police that gives him information on pending raids and movements,” he remarked.

Two persons were taken away by the police including one in handcuffs following the raid on 4-Roads.

A woman who is a known supporter of a particular political party on the island was seen openly hurling insults and threats to the police raiding party.

Sources in the underworld say that the drug dealers have also changed their modus operandi and no longer moving drugs from one part of the countryside to another at nights anymore.

“Pretty sexy unassuming young ladies carry it on buses in the day from Tivoli, La Poterie and Davie and other areas in the rural areas to 4-Roads and other hot spots. Guys not going up there in their Corollas and Hondas anymore – too much of them got caught, they have changed their modus operandi,” said one source.

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