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“WOKE” – Good or Bad?

With all the new words, expressions, abstract words and initials constantly changing, I am challenged to understand the news and quite often end up wondering, “What on earth do they mean? ‘

I heard the most famous Cable News channel attempt to explain “Woke” and wanted to tell them that they did a really lousy job. However they did at the last show a clip of De Santos saying something like “Having an awareness of the needs and concerns of minorities”.

By the tone of voice used by many – expressing utter scorn,- I was getting the impression this was a bad thing. For example when Rihanna (from Barbados) sang at the intermission of the Super Bowl I heard “She is too Woke” and it was Black History month.

Americans will not admit that certain Police officers, not all, are deliberately murdering young black men. For possibly stealing cigars, not proven, for speeding, not proven, for having a gun in a car, not proven.

When people object, they are called ‘Woke”. High up politicians want to keep slavery out of U.S history books – it’s too Woke.

Now, see it’s too honest, they do not want to look at truth and face up to it and change what could still be changed. Are they saying being Woke is a bad thing and helping poor people is a bad thing?

Well, I will say I am Woke on some things and believe it can be good. At least I will not bury my head in the sand. My one exception is where people are encouraged to disobey God, where parents are being told they must not teach children the truth of God’s word. (That it’s wrong to have two parents of the same gender).

You can allow that God loves all people, but not that continuing in sin is right. Next they will teach that adultery, murder and stealing are ok but they are sin, to be repented of. Those are the two sides I see of “Woke’ and I’m not too happy about its use.

Heather Sylvester