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Where do we go from here?

It is regrettable that the utterance and behaviour pattern of some people in our tri-island state do not lend for others to follow, maybe because of lack of education/proper knowledge of the damage that can/will eventually result if the recommended protocol for Covid-19 is not adhered to.

Admittedly man is not perfect, we get things wrong at times, but let us focus on the many times man got it right and in so doing has enabled us/the world to avoid a catastrophe.

From all evidence Covid-19 seems more than a pandemic. Already we have been hearing/seeing a resurgence of the disease in several parts of the developed countries where the virus was claimed to have subsided, but has since surged to an alarming high.

Most of those countries have a fair amount of knowledgeable persons, scientists, medical personnel and monetary resources, yet to date they have not been able to conquer the virus, a very frightening situation indeed.

And while we in this little nation have not, yet, experienced the deadly effects, relaxing, reopening our ports particularly our Air Ports could be disastrous.

Look at the results in some countries where the authorities had either not applied stringent measures or have since re-opened many facilities in an effort to boost the economy to the detriment of the people who would have been able to cause the economy to grow – Florida, California, England and others in Europe if such action was not taken.

Without healthy people no economy can grow for it is people who enable the economy to strive, hence our government has to act in a manner which would better serve all of us in the short and long term.

Recent incidents: the behaviour of some of our people, the evident lack of adequate structures in facilities where they should be, have resulted in breaches which may/can cause the spread of Covid-19 in our country.

I am comfounded! Does the government really care about the people? Put Covid-19 aside. The continuing deterioration of our health facilities over the past two or more decades is alarming and despite the tremendous assistance given by corporate citizens at home, in the diaspora and by several nations, the downward trend continues.

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Doctors, nurses, ancillary staff continue to be lacking; health centers which are crucial to facilitate care for the elderly and poor are being shut down, the constant breaking down of machines, the extensive long period before they are repaired or replaced is definitely taking a toll on our people who are unable to meet the charges made by private entities for services.

It is said that Grenada has the highest amount of cancer cases in the entire Caribbean. True or false? What is a fact is that we do not have what it takes to adequately take care of such patients and that is one example of the numerous other cases of chronic diseases that are plaguing us.

It is evident that our health is not given priority by this administration. What has become of our once so much talked about National Health Insurance Scheme?

Tourism which is a fickle industry is given preference. While God has been very merciful to us how long will His mercies prevail when it is evident that corruption is the order of the day causing us to be denied of a fair share of the revenue which would have been able to contribute to improving our well-being. When will it end?

While the loud cries that mosquitoes are here, there and everywhere have been heard by the administration, no positive action to combat the situation is seen. Where is the fogging that was promised to take place? Is it that government has no money to purchase the necessary things to get the fogging going and avoid the possible major outbreak of dengue?

Added to that we are hearing of another dangerous disease, leptospirosis which is spread by rats, whose population has been ever increasing and destroying our agricultural crops and affecting our food security.

Agriculture is a necessity for our sustainability but is not given the support it deserves – so where do we go from here?

Simeon Green

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