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Where are we going?

I heard the Prime Minister in Parliament recently ranting and raging over people protesting on some matters of their concern.

Is it not the right of a people to express their concerns/views on matters that may affect them? Are they not entitled to be concern of there likely hood, of a repeat of an event or something similar to that which they may have experience or that was recorded?

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell may have been about nine years old when hurricane Janet in 1955 damaged/destroyed among other things Mourne Beach club, its Jetty and changed to some extent the landscape of the beach.

The Storm Serge 1991 demolished structures which were being constructed for the new Fish Market at Melville Street, destroyed much in the Carenage, Portofino Restaurant and Bar, the Floating Bar 007, which was next to the Fire Station by waves of 20-30 feet high which blasted the NIS Building and swept away the vegetation on the premises where the General Hospital is – a thing which to a lesser extent occur fairly often in December for years.

So when people expressed fear that the Grand Anse Beach may have been impacted adversely by the construction of the cruise ship terminal, which incidentally was in HA Blaize Era, and not under PM Mitchell’s watch, which by his utterances in parliament may have given the impression to the public that it was under his watch that the people expressed their concern about the possible ill effects, that construction may have caused to the Grand Anse Beach.

People have been complaining/expressing their concerns over several matters which every government in office, the world over and some governments listen and address same, for instance numerous complaints were made about the operation of Physical Planning Unit in Grenada and recently the Prime Minister indicated that steps would be made to rectify the inefficiency/malpractices which occur.

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PM Mitchell by and large never showed interest in the preservation of our heritage – Fort George, our Georgian structures, among others, particularly in the city of St. George’s, our mangroves be it at Woburn, La Sagesse, Levera or elsewhere which are essential for the reproduction of several kinds of fish, even Agriculture – WAPCO – at Mt. Hartman where farmers had developed Agriculture farms producing much needed supplies for the hotel/tourist industry.

As a matter of fact when I worked at the Ramada Hotel, I remember doing a paper: Linkages between Agriculture and the Hotel/Tourist Industry: Those farmers were deprived of earning a livelihood to facilitate what was expected to be the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which I thought would have been badly affected by the dust from the Mt. Hartman Quarry and the possible losing of the Grenada Dove which sanctuary was there.

I said then – “That and a Green Donkey you will never see”. The cry of the destruction of the our patrimony for the construction of hotels in St. Patrick, St. David, etc. is more intense now and our Prime Minister seems very much annoyed that our people are expressing their concerns as if they are not entitled to those rights – dictatorship!

Much concern is expressed about the quantity of persons recruited for the Police Service and so-called Traffic Wardens among others – yes people need to be employed but watch it!! Police state?

The need for a proper Town and Country plan is long overdue – areas for Agriculture, Industry, Commerce, Housing and the like which after ten to fifteen years in government, twelve and half years as PM what have we?

More and more people are on the breadline Grenada – when will we ever learn?

Simeon Green