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When sexual desires overcome the management structure of national security

It is with regret that at this stage in the lives of our young promising females especially those who decided to make the sacrifice and enlist in the RGPF, that they are exposed to the pressure of those who are charged with the responsibility to care for people and the security affairs of the organisation and state are the same group using their power and authority to fulfill their social desires.

For years the Grenadian public have been informed of the unwanted sexual misconduct by members of the RGPF at the highest level and absolutely nothing to date is being done about it.

This recent attempt by the female officer to expose the existing situation inside the police force, is just another revelation that all is not well. It is clear that the WPC is desperately begging for help from anyone who can provide it in order to protect her dignity in society.

The mere fact that she was able to come public with her report indicated that she has no confidence in the management of the RGPF.

For the better part of a decade or so, from Commissioner Winston James to the current Edvin Martin, numerous complaints have been made by female officers when promises were made to look into the sexual exploitation and abuse taking place in the RGPF but nothing has been done.

One has to wonder what is happening there and why no one including the leadership of the force is willing to take action.

Where is the police women group? Where are the NGO’s and other women groups in society to help these victims of the force?

It is now more than ever for the leadership of the force to tell the mothers and fathers of those sexually victimised female officers why their young ladies are not protected from the seniors of the force who prey on them to fulfill their desires.

The general public must be concerned and appeal to every female officer challenged by this continuing act by the men in high positions.

Unless something serious is done, those who prey on the vulnerable will continue to perform their illegal acts. All those who are victims of this must come forward even if with a lawyer and report the matter.

It is time to stop this disrespectful act especially in a body responsible to ensure public safety.

Concern Mother