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The utterances and body language of PM Mitchell brings to my mind and possible other Grenadians who have experienced Keith’s behaviour over the years and who have followed that of President Donald Thump of the US, which have been so clearly manifested particularly in 2020 that I wonder if in the not too distant future a situation like that as played out on the streets in the US and the White House will be experienced in Grenada.

The intrigues, lies, deceptions, etc. not only by PM Mitchell but also several of his aides are well known. They have been spoken of, written of, yet many have turned a blind eye, a deaf ear, a fear of losing privileges, hand outs and so forth.

Warnings that we should be careful, since it is evident that the trend of dictatorship/police state seems to be in the making, aided by some loyal, selfish supporters, financiers and the boys (proud boys).

Undoubtedly quite a lot of planning behind the scene for the inevitable is taking place, but I trust that the Good Lord will hinder the likely activities and all that goes with them will not take place here as was, is played out in the US, even as COVID-19 rages.

When we see the behaviour and hear the utterance of PM Mitchell as a result of the contribution of the Leader of the Opposition in the House recently and the lambasting by the PM of all who constructively point out his disregard for truth, he becomes very emotional/contemptuous when facts are made known to us, which he and his surrogates cannot get away from; boy oh boy, his entire composure becomes distorted.

Some with little common sense along with others who were not privy to certain information, as those who led/are leading the charge on either side; for example in the Grenlec issue, the brief base matter, the later which I personally always maintain is not a dead matter; one which has been causing the PM to exercise every effort to retain leadership of the party and government for the day he (Head of State) is not in office hell will break loose not only in Grenada, but also very much so from the US Department of Justice. Mark my word.

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The enquiry into the briefcase matter in my view was a farce. Enquires into corrupt dealings: The Call Centre, The Pig Farm, The Marketing & National Importing Board and fire, The Shrimp Farm to name a few; reports we still await.

Imagine PM Mitchell stating to the Nation and the International Community that he favours selling our lands to Foreigners/Investors: they cannot take it away, go with it. What nonsense! What signal is he sending to genuine investors? He is stating that our great grand, great, great grandchildren if they so desire to have back that which was sold could be regained. Easier said than done!

For example the Grenlec matter: 26years, millions of dollars much suffering of our people (fiscal space) before they could have attained what they say is a good deal. Look at the court battle taking place is that a good deal?

Look at the court battle taking place between the entities involved in the Levera project. The PM continues to fool or try to fool some people, but as we continue to learn about his undercover actions which are detrimental to us: we make efforts to hinder him from deceiving us.

Imagine that after twenty/thirty years he cannot see/find a person capable of taking over the reign of the party or government, what an insult to Grenadians.

His archrival PM of St. Vincent and the Grenadines announced recently that he will be stepping out (when?) and has intimated that his son or another person is in the line up to succeed him. Not so with PM Mitchell: he proposes to contest the next General Election (when?)

Simeon Green