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What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander

Please permit me space in your most popular newspaper to express my disgust at these elderly politicians in the Parliament.

It is clear that they have all become so comfortable, taking us Grenadians for granted and forgetting that we put them there to manage and serve. In other words, we give them a job and we are ready to hold them accountable.

These politicians behave as if they own everything, not only the land of Grenada but Grenadians as well. WE HAVE THE POWER not them.

Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen’s remarks in Parliament last Wednesday was very misleading and disgusting. She spoke about this person in question signing the forms as published on the website but when they arrived here not wanting to be quarantined. Madam Minister you failed to say that the ‘Home Quarantine Application’ form was among the forms signed and submitted and further acknowledged by the Ministry of Health.

Madam Minister, you also admitted in Parliament that persons are allowed to home quarantine, so what really was the big deal with Mr. George Worme? Was the apartment in question in Mr. Worme’s case too small and not adequate? Or,I guess this allowance for Home Quarantine is just for the ‘chosen few.’

Madam Minister, I carefully note that all attention was on George Worme coming in on Sunday 9th and mandated to go into 14 days in quarantine, with home quarantine not an option to him for public health and safety, followed by a statement put out by Government to the effect that the protocols should be followed by all.

Yet still, Madam Minister on the following day, Monday 10th a man coming in from FRANCE was allowed only 48 hours quarantine and by Wednesday was in the community shop gambling, and causing real concerns for residents in a crowded community.

Madam Minister, NNP activist or not, or whether or not the man was the driver for a particular NNP minister in government, so what about Public health and safety? Is the law applicable to only one set of Grenadians and not the NNP people?

Madam Minister, as Minister of Tourism you must be aware by now that Covid-19 cases are on the rise in France. So much so, that The UK has removed France from their “bubble.’

Too much mixed messaging and different strokes for different folks will cost us dearly, and yet the ‘Sorry’ PM says no stimulus package if there is a second wave. Furthermore, your mandated quarantine is very compromised with numerous persons evading and leaving and returning.

Madam Minister, the protocols should be applied across the board, no politics, we are in this together, remember?

It is behaviour like this that is creating the breakdown you speak about, chaos and open defiance in society just as we are seeing now taking place and forcing the Youth to get angry with those in authority – lack of respect shown to them.

Carnival activities for some, NOT for others – Home Quarantine for some, NOT for others – State resources for some, NOT for others – face masks and social distancing applied to some, NOT to others, and the list goes on and on.

Fellow Grenadians, see the power of unity in numbers!!. The Jabs could not be stopped. Why? Their numbers were overwhelming! See the successful protests taking place all over the world today…the numbers matter.

Let us stand united and take back our country before it is too late. We are in the majority – WE HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

If we are not careful ,very soon foreigners will take over our country, because they have the money . The foreigners are more welcome in this land of ours – is it because they feeding us?

I watched on television this foreigner involved in the La Sagesse project.This man is so full of attitude and very condescending. Who does he think he is? I guess money talks and bullshit walks.

Madam Minister, we are on full watch, listening and taking heed of what is happening in our country now more than ever. A word to the wise is enough for the time being – RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT DEMANDED!

I must also mention this article written by one David Allard who is attached to another newspaper. He is so uninformed for a journalist. Did he say of 30 plus years?

Yet in his column “In Grenada Anything goes ”, he went on to talk about George Worme not wanting to adhere to protocols and wanting the ‘Government to change the Covid-19 protocols just to facilitate him’. Really Mr. Allard? I have read a letter from Mr. Worme on Facebook and the timely response from the Chief Medical Officer, which shed a different light to your ramblings. George Worme is standing for his right and against discrimination, and rightly so. In my opinion that is what is ‘Good Trouble’.

Mr. Allard does not seem to be even aware of what these protocols are that he is writing so much about. Is he aware that a ‘Home-Quarantine Application form’ is part of the protocols as published on the Government website? Is the goodly journalist aware that this form is available for all Returning/Incoming travellers?

What is good for the Goose is also good for the Gander.

Mr. Allard, for your enlightenment and education, I suggest you read the article on Facebook and as I understand, it was published in The New Today, August 14th issue – titled “George Worme clears the Air.”

The entire protocol document is there for all to see and Mr. Worme’s Home Quarantine Application can be found among the documents submitted in keeping with the published protocols. Please have a read. Mr. Allard – are you aware that even you as well as Mr. Worme too and any other Grenadian, has a right not a privilege to apply for Home Quarantine?

As a journalist you should be informing us who may not know better. Please don’t misinform or mislead us. You are a journalist as you said, not a politician, so do your research and give us the facts.

In Grenada Anything really goes Mr. Allard, including your misinformation.

People’s Power

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