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What a state of affairs

Where are we heading? How far away are we? The records are there. Are some learning? There seems to be a glimpse of hope as evident by the many young minds who are expressing their views, to a large extent which reminds us of the pre-revolution era of 1983 and what followed.

The events are not chronologically put and not only must you think about them but action must be taken. The suppression of people over the centuries has been taking place and the events taking place in the USA under the Donald Trump’s administration is/or may I say perfect example.

In Grenada, we have the NNP administration under Prime Minister Dr. The Right Honourable Keith Claudius Mitchell, who during his tenure in office used or tried to use people who have a wealth of good knowledge, experience and dedication to duty and country to our detriment/destruction.

We must face the facts: Reflect on the actions taken and then end results: Tried something with: Chief Magistrate Patricia Mark, Commissioner of Police James Clarkson and other senior officers, Garvey Louison, Richard Duncan, Cajeton Hood, Cabinet Secretary, Gemma Bain-Thomas, the two luminaries whom he wanted to make QC’s, Governor General Carlyle Glean and not to mention the doctors and nurses who all resisted his devious efforts.

To my mind several others did otherwise and among them were Hatchet Man Wildman, Dan in the van GG, the recalled Commissioner of Police, Manager in Housing and Planning, NAWASA, NIS, Call Centre, Campbell and many others who have been used to our detriment – gutless.

Their action or inaction has cost us a tremendous moral and financial amount, which we and more so our children, grandchildren, and great grand children and great, great grand children will have to bear the burden (economic slavery).

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Mouth open, words jump out, typical of Donald Trump with subsequent efforts to do damage control, but the damage was done already and the price must be paid. – WRB, Cabinet Secretary, Gemma Bain-Thomas and many others, failed Poultry and Shrimp farm projects.

We also remember the falling or fallen MNIB and now we are hearing more about the loss of millions of dollars in the Citizenship By Investment programme. Who will pay? Can we forget the Sheldon Scott matter?

The future generation is in trouble. Does the P.M really care? He will have long passed away. Long rope for magga goat – the longest day has an end.

See what has happen with LIAT. Who is asked to pay? Government? Whose money – the citizens/tax payers? Poor not Pure Grenada. God help us.

The removal of several policemen, public servants, nurses, doctors and others with a wide range of good knowledge of rules and regulations governing proper administration of the various department has cost and continue to cost us dearly.

I cannot avoid entertaining the thought that those acts were deliberately done to hinder efficiency /proper service so that the hierarchy especially government may/can get away with it.

I think of the large number of police officers, public servants, doctors, nurses who have been for the use of a more appropriate term, maltreated, in so much so that there is additional brain drain, while others seem unable to do otherwise – even the square pegs that are very often recruited to fill post.

Look at the large number of Police recruits, traffic wardens recruited, even the son of the P.M in Finance. Yes, people need jobs to make a living but efficiency is necessary without which all fall down. Is this what is taking place?

Simeon Green