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“Wey dey de dey?”

After 9 consecutive years of attacks, intimidation and victimisation of public workers and journalists by the NNP administration, the Grenada Public Workers Union and the Media Workers Association of Grenada have finally found a voice to say that they will not tolerate the same. How come it was tolerated under the previous Administration but not now?

The countless cases of victimisation of Public Officers like Gemma Bain-Thomas, Joyce Thomas and many, many others, even past president Ms. Rachel Roberts who single handedly brought her case to the court and was successful. They were all tolerated. Didn’t they too need your support?

The alleged attack of and flooring of journalist Calistra Farrier in that famous room at the Botanical Gardens after a press briefing where other journalists were present but chose to turn a blind eye to the cause of their fellow journalist, where was MWAG? In other words whey dey de dey?

The harassment and closing down of George Grant’s radio programme “Sundays with George Grant”. Wey dey de dey?

On reading the article published in THE NEW TODAY newspaper in its issue dated 15 July, 2022 to which these entities refer, I understood it to be a meeting between individuals of which the Permanent Secretary (PS) was not mentioned. So, to say the PS is not aware is not addressing the issue at hand. Simply put, he was not a part of the discussions.

THE NEW TODAY article is right on point. Until and unless the GPWU and MWAG have the facts of what was discussed at that meeting, they cannot challenge the article with any credibility.

It is reckless and irresponsible to say that the “authoritative source” referred to in the article is false and misleading, or that the article is not truthful, since you do not have the facts. Who are you to question a reporter’s source? Bring the facts or shut up!!

The matter of incompetence within the Public Service is well known and is no secret in this country. GPWU and MWAG should not support incompetence in the workplace at any time. This is not doing justice to your membership, neither is it sending the right message to your members or the public at large.

Your attack on The NEW TODAY, a media entity that stood the test of times and never cowered under pressure, attacks or discrimination from all the Powers-that-be, one of the very few that showed the guts over the years, and brought forward information that you all dare not touch, is unnecessary and shameful quite frankly.

PWU and MWAG, instead of defending incompetence, you should call on your membership to up their productivity levels, just like the President of the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT), Jude Bartholomew did in his clarion call to teachers.

No doubt, you should seek to provide training workshops to better develop your members to make them more competent and better able to perform on the job. It should not always be about salary increases or more pay, but better and improved performances and service on the job also.

As for MWAG, I challenge you to show the investigative journalist among you!!   None, quite frankly. Recording secretaries and mouth pieces are all you have within your ranks. Regurgitating all the politicians lies and half truths.

It is well known that the Public Service inherited by the new NDC Administration is bloated, with some persons being paid and not on the job, while others are being paid to just show up with little or nothing to do.

It is also a fact that the public service is at its lowest in productivity as we the public see and experience the very poor service every day.

Training and an improved mindset is critical if Grenada is to move forward under this new transformational agenda. We need competence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, value for money, in order to move this country forward.

Imagine you are calling on the near one month-old NDC administration to protect and support workers from attacks, intimidation and victimisation. Am I hearing correctly? Did you call on the NNP administration to do the same and if so, were you successful?

Further, to say that workers should be free to associate and support any political party of their choice is unbelievable. While this is true, coming from GPWU, it begs the question – were these entities existing in this country in the last 9 consecutive years? And, did workers enjoy this freedom of association you speak of?

It will be very interesting to observe some of the so-called media personnel who lost their voices and gumption over the past 9 years. I am certain they will now find their voices to ask the hard questions, which may even be provided to them by their masters. We will wait and see. Only time will tell!

Democracy is a great thing, it is back and we all welcome it. Hats off to new Prime Minister Hon. Dickon Mitchell and his NDC administration. Do not be afraid to lead and to make decisions – YOU HAVE THE MANDATE. PEOPLE VOTED FOR CHANGE, NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL!!!

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