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Watch Out!!!

How many of you are aware that this year is a leap year and that some sections of our society have certain perceptions and are saying that something is amiss?

Some measure of dismay is felt. The fact that some members of the Public Workers Union, Teachers Union and the Police Welfare Association are demonstrating in various forms of dissatisfaction, be it among their members or be it with the manner that the government is treating their members, is a matter which should cause the general public to give some serious thought.

Why is it that at least three executive members of the Public Workers Union have resigned? Why is it that the Masters Association of Secondary School has gone ahead with plans to hold the Secondary Schools Athletic Sport Meeting when there are burning outstanding matters with their employer/government affecting teachers, which have not been settled?

As for the Police Welfare Association members, I stated sometime ago that those employees may bark but they cannot bite; now we are not only hearing that RGPF is in turmoil, but also they have embarked on a PRAYER WALK. Is it just in support of World PRAYER WALK DAY or mainly because they are under much undue pressure by the Minister of National Security?

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Members of the public and of the Grenada Bar Association have been complaining for years of the dilapidated/deplorable conditions which have been existing at the Supreme Court Registry, which not only has been affecting the operations/the performance of the legal system, but also the health of the employees and to some extent persons who have to attend to matters which require them to be there for several hours daily.

The unacceptable conditions at the medical facilities throughout the tri-island state have been aired times and times again with very little improvement to the detriment to the entire staff, patients and the general public.

The accommodation at the prison is horrible, and despite the fact that persons are incarcerated there for crimes they may have committed or detained there for other reasons, there is no justifiable reason why any human should be made to live under such condition.

The seam has almost reached its retention limit and may at any time break to the detriment of the entire nation. Wake up Grenada! Stand up for your right; for justice in the land. The time is now more than ever.

Simeon Green