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Wake up

Over the years Prime Minister Keith Mitchell has been doing much harm to our people and country and getting away with it, but his day of reckoning will come.

Old people used to say if you have patience you will see ants belly, and that while patience is a virtue we all ought to strive earnestly to ensure that we and our children’s children are provided for in the best way possible.

In our so-called democratic society we entrust our welfare into the hands of people whom we expect to seek our best interest, they are supposed to be our ministers, but regrettable more and more we are recognising that some of them cannot/do not function as expected of them. Either because of inadequacy or they become parasites/ predators/dictators.

In a previous article I intimated that P.M Mitchell becomes furious when truth, facts contrary to his pronouncements were/are brought to light. NOW! If what I read recently as put forward by former Attorney General, Cajeton Hood are facts and the challenge made by him is not taken up by the former, then what?

PM Mitchell has tried not only to intimidate, mussel, victimise the following: Chief Magistrate , Editors , Lawyers ,Director of Audit, Judges and or anyone who dare not only point out his flouting of rules, regulations, etc. governing proper administration but has persistently contravened even the highest /supreme law of the state – The Grenada Constitution.

The articles: Rebirth of Julia Lawrence Issue and that of Cajeton Hood have detailed very much and which reminds me of the advice given by Supt Curwen of the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force that every Grenadian should acquaint themselves with the Grenada Constitution.

I cannot refrain from stating that I have learnt so much by following/viewing/reading much of what has taken place leading up to, during the impeachment of President Donald Trump, the Presidential Election, the ill-treatment meted out particularly to black/brown people in the US over the years, culminating in the death of George Floyd/ Black Lives Matter, but most disturbing is the storming of the capital and the support given by the President to the rioters – while the Russian President Putin, China’s President and such in like manner oppresses the people.

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So much ills continue to take place. Is that kind of behaviour of President Donald Trump, some elected members of the Republican Party and that of many of his supporters, the type of behaviour that we will or may experience here? God Forbid.

Some of the recent events by PM Mitchell: the victimisation of government employees in many sectors, the docking of teachers salary, the abusing of our law enforcement officers, the manner of the repurchasing of GRENLEC, the non-payment of person as determined by the court, the non-payment of the four percent salary increase to teachers, public workers – and what about the police and prison officers, those who may bark and cannot bite? And coupled with this is the contravention of our constitution which is most disheartening.

Grenadians what is happening to us? Is there any moral left? Where is our fighting spirit? Wake up GRENADA! Why? We will eventually win so act now to avoid further unnecessary casualties: Economic and or Human.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not/do not intend to insight like Donald Trump did, only supporting what is right and just. Rally around our First liners: Doctors, Nurses, Immigration Officers and all others – they are all our relatives. We need them, they need our full support. Don’t let the P.M Mitchell and his clan get away. No trial by combat, but let justice prevail not corruption.

And by the way, congratulations to Mr. James Anthony Louis Bristol on his elevation to the silk – Queen’s Counsel, please continue my friend to keep the torch for justice alight.

Simeon Green