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Wake up Grenada

This article “Ex-MBIA official predicting “default” Chinese loan makes good reading which should enlighten Grenadians of the possibility of us losing our prized MBIA, if Keith Mitchell and his NNP administration have their way with the loan of $185 million purported for the upgrading of the MBIA.

Take the Cricket Stadium, Queen’s Park, which was Keith Mitchell doing and which has not been able to bring in revenue after so many years, even sufficient to maintain its upkeep much less to contribute to the nation’s wellbeing, hence Corporate Citizens have been asked to assist.

That is not all! I do not remember everything but trust that citizens who are in the know, who remember the plight we, and this administration found ourselves in when loan payments were not met, Exim Bank took steps to get payment.

The said MBIA was the main target and strenuous efforts were made to avoid losing MBIA.

Suffice it to say that the Chinese can eventually own/take the MBIA if Grenada eventually fails to meet payments towards the $185 million.

Much has been said/written of situations where several countries which the Chinese loaned and which failed to meet their commitments fell prey.

The price we continue to pay for the debt incurred is the Structural Adjustment which we were told was for three years – several years have passed and we continue to pay through our nose with no end in sight, but rather the added burden of a $185 million loan, which will enable the NNP administration to have money to spend indiscriminately in order to remain in office indefinite.

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Don’t tell me that many Grenadians are still blind and deaf! Grenada, General Election is undoubtedly in the air and NNP government is making sure that it is/will be in a secure position.

Grenada, are you satisfied with how things continue to go here? If not, the time is almost spent for all to get up and get. Don’t expect the existing main opposition party alone to bring about the change that is needed.

What is needed can be achieved only if we all put our shoulders to the wheel NOW, and not only enlighten ourselves, but must mobilise the old, the not so old and give full support to the young people who see that there is need for change for the better and are willing to lead the charge.

We need to educate, mobilise, canvas, register and all that is best to be done in order to bring about meaningful change before the General Election bell rings.

Simeon Green