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Vote them out

With just seven days to go before the election, I have been looking at all the options that are before us.

On the one hand, we have an incumbent that has been in office for many years and has won all seats in the last two election cycles. On the other hand we have a challenger who has never served in public office. We have to ask ourselves, how has this benefitted our country? What benefit has the incumbent brought to the country?

We are asked to leave the country in “safer hands” even though these hands are the same ones that brought us the shrimp and foul farms in St. Mark’s. Even though these hands oversaw the trampling of constitutional rights of the citizens in both the issue of pension and losing jobs because of the jab.

While I have criticised Dickon Mitchell in the matter of SGU, I place the full blame directly at the feet of the administration. My reason is that they swore to protect the rights of the citizens and they failed to take a definitive stance to protect those rights.

They abdicated their duties, using businesses as proxies to sidestep responsibilities. Hearing the PM stating that he is “fundamentally opposed” to mandating vaccines yet allow businesses through the Ministry of Health to trample on those rights.

To me it was also unconscionable for the PM to state that he will not support anyone who lost their job for not taking the jab. He endorsed the actions of businesses while pretending to be “fundamentally opposed” to the very thing he condones.

On the issue of pension and salary increases, please remember this is the same man who met with the unions prior to election and promised increases and then refused to keep his word citing the lack of “fiscal space”.

He further promised the payment of pension then went to court rather than keep that promise. Even after losing in court, this man spoke of the government’s inability to pay, saying it will “bankrupt the economy” yet found $200 million to buy back controlling shares in GRENLEC.

The question is simple – would you support the ones who refused to uphold the constitution they swore to defend?

It is time that we call this administration to account. How long would we allow them to trample our rights then hand out some building materials, windows, doors and road work just before election to “buy” our votes? How long would we allow them to take us for granted?

The choice is yours.

Humble Servant