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Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated – The odds, the facts, the latest

Study after study confirms that those that get vaccinated are choosing the right path for themselves, their family and friends, their community, and their country.

The vaccinated are much less likely to catch Covid, spread Covid, get seriously ill, need hospitalisation, or die from Covid. They are the lucky ones, they have chosen to receive the protections, the blessings, the benefits, offered by the approved vaccines.

Still, many will deny the facts, spin the facts, promote conspiracy theories, spread lies and misinformation and try to undermine what the overwhelming majority of health professionals and experts agree upon, namely, that the vaccines are very safe and very effective.

The #s consistently prove this. Yet, even if someone accepts the facts below, they may still choose not to get the vaccine. No doubt, they are free to take those risks for themselves, but are they free to endanger those of us who do?

In those countries fortunate enough to secure enough vaccines for their citizens, the pandemic is still virulent and worrisome because of the unvaccinated. In Grenada, as in the USA, it remains a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

Yesterday, Biden said to those that remain unvaccinated, “Our patience is wearing thin” and then presented a 6-point plan that lays out the consequences for not taking the vaccine.

We need to follow a similar path in Grenada with the Government leading the way and the entire business community in support and compliance.

Mike Meranski