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Unsolicited advice for Dickon Mitchell

NDC made a bold move to recruit and elect an untested young man to lead that party into the next election.

Dickon Mitchell’s rise to the top presents a great opportunity for Congress but also the potential for its demise. As a strong supporter and observer of the NDC, I wish to offer some advice to the new leader.

(1). Blend your friends who joined the party together with you totally into the mix. The last thing NDC needs is a new clique.

(2). Stamp your authority without being overbearing or dictatorial.

(3), Engage fully and meaningfully with the longstanding members of the party. They understand the culture of the organisation and have insights from being around longer than you.

(4). Make sure that all Executive officers pull their weight.

(5). Fly with the eagles but be a ground dove also. Grenadians like to see and feel their leaders.

(6). Avoid Kem Jones and his abrasive, Trump-like brand of politics. He adds no value to NDC and is a turn-off for undecided voters and wavering NNPites.

(7). You will suddenly have 10,000 advisers; listen to them carefully and choose wisely, what to take and what to ignore, including mine.

I wish you every success because the future of our country may well rest on your shoulders.

Hopeful NDCite