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Unmasking the NNP government

I listened to the President of the National Bus Association Monday and this is what I took away from the entire meet.

(1). The Keith Mitchell government has been totally disrespectful.

(2). Not all information was given to the public from the authorities and I believe this was purposely done to make the bus men look unreasonable, however after Monday the government’s plan backfired.

(3). The busmen have done much more as national duties than many of the MPs in this government. $17.00 and $23.00 per trip depending on the route is considered a free ride for the government.

(4). Bus owners and drivers were able to change many Grenadians perspective of them for the better. No longer are they seen as dunce and illiterate and all those negative things. Infact, they have shown that they are more compassionate and sensible than many government ministers.

(5). The National Bus Association and the various sub-associations are far more organised and structured than many of the government offices. This too caught many offguard.

(6). The President is a breath of fresh air.

The executive is standing behind their leader unlike many organisations where members just want to show off and thief money.

Now, I am waiting to see what lies the government clan will manufacture to try and make them look bad or how much money will be spent in phone credits to have their propaganda folks call radio stations and try to bash the bus men.

The truth is thanks to the busmen on Monday that we are more informed. Thank you for letting us know the truth. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your bold and brave step. Thank you for standing for what is right. Thank you to the National Bus Association.

If there was ever an undressing of the government we had one Monday compliments the National Bus Association.

Grenadian Patriot