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Unfair investigation into Jimmy’s death?

I’m here to state the fact that I am very disappointed in the way the Police have investigated the case of my late cousin JIMMY FRASER.

I’m not in Grenada at present. I was informed of his death and was sent photos of him lying in the bush where they found his body. YES! It could have been an accident! Judging from the photos I have received in my honest opinion this matter needs to be taken more seriously with future investigations.

I also learned that a certain individual is making claims and trying to make others believe that JIMMY’s DEATH was an accident. He also claimed to have seen Jimmy’s vehicle at around 7.00 p.m. while leaving the area. He called out to JIMMY, heard no answer so he went down to the garage in Diamond and asked if they see Fraser pass by.

My question is – why would Jimmy leave his vehicle and walk down at this time of night, unless the vehicle won’t start or something?

My other question is – did this individual notify the family to his findings at the time? Also, did he go to the police station and tell them what took place in the time leading up to Jimmy’s so-called accident?

Again in my honest opinion the police are taking the easy way out and trying to close the case without a full and proper investigation into JIMMY’S DEATH?

Also information given to the public via social media, newspaper or people in higher authority should make sure that the statement or facts that they are about to share are correct before stating them.

They are also misleading the public with incorrect information. For example Superintendent Vannie Curwen made his statement on MTV News that JIMMY’S BODY WAS FOUND ON HIS PROPERTY FACE DOWN.

To my understanding that was not true – his body was found on another piece of land.

Then the NEW TODAY newspaper stated on 11/4/21 that his cell phone and keys were locked in his vehicle and on the 14/4/21 stated that the said items were unlocked in the vehicle. Which was it? Was the vehicle locked or unlocked?

There are so many questions not asked or answered in the case of JIMMY’S DEATH? So I fail to see how the police can come to a positive conclusion that JIMMY’S DEATH WAS AN ACCIDENT SO QUICKLY. It is just not adding up to me, and my gut instincts is telling me differently on the situation.

Any particular job or vision a person choose to do in their life, they should put their heart into it and do it with the best of their ability.

Also in the photos, I don’t see any wound at the back of his head as stated.

Nubian Queen