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Undue Influence: Happens all the time

The Western World sticks its nose into the domestic affairs of many nations, criticising the actions against their own people, like Iran, Syria, Russia, China, North Korea and so on.

These nations ruled by an Oligarch, Dictator or Military Junta see no problem getting involved in our government’s elections or daily routine, attempting to manipulate officials, steal secrets both economic and political. Tit for Tat.

The Western World has leaders who enact a hypocritical notion that they can poke the bear without getting bitten.

27% of Canadians trust David Johnson (Rapporteur) to carry out an investigation into Chinese Influence into Canadian Elections. A good number considering all the negativity coming out of Ottawa these days. These past months various politicians have been pointing out that The Liberal Administration of Justin Trudeau had not warned the Legislature and various M.P. ‘s that they were targets of Chinese Spy Craft. Can we look at this without all the politicking going on in our capital?

When someone becomes an MP they go through an extensive protocol, warning them of real and possible present day dangers coming from both international spy craft organisations and the corporate world.

Warnings about the responsibilities of being a member of parliament explained fully by both CSIS and the RCMP. Not knowing is not an option for these people. Audits are carried out by the Parliament and Security Systems regularly also.

If you thought about it, you, the average citizen, could probably recognise the seriousness of foreign nations spying upon each of us, let alone for those who work for and with governmental agencies, departments and Crown Corporations.

All this blustering and calls for special investigations are nothing more than adding per diems payments to elected officials pay checks and also giving the opposition a chance to shine in front of their followers and the media.

Many Politicians are truly mercenary, offering little that can help make the nation safe – economically grow, while demanding public investigations and selfish financial benefit to the investigations membership.

What really is happening: Security Systems work in the shadows, quietly acquiring information, analysing and contemplating this information and finally sharing it with the appropriate minister of authority.

That Chinese attempt to influence, blackmail and seduce politicians of every nation is not new, but a known practice. Known by our politicians, bureaucrats and international business people since time began.

Check out “The Art of War”, an interesting book. Also The Prince, a Machiavellian testament to achieving power and maintaining it at all costs. Two must reads of classical spy-craft and becoming a politician too.

Ottawa is today filled with spies all looking for hidden dirt regarding any elected official or employee of the government or some large corporation giant.

Canadian Parliamentarians want a directory for all spies, foreign government influencers. Does not work. Every Foreign Consulate, Embassy and Satellite Office is full of spies. Consider even Ambassadors as foreign tools of engagement.

Every Russian, Chinese, EU, British and Banana Republic Citizen is a potential lobbyist, spy or agent provocateur. Living in Canada, America and beyond has kept us safe from foreign violence, spy craft and that uneasy feeling we are being watched. Guess we all need to wake up.

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Statistics show that a registry of foreign agents, influencers does not work. You want to know who within our government has been approached, and recruited by a foreign government. How about annual audits of their secured and hidden bank accounts?

Money squirreled away in a foreign bank somewhere out of the public’s eyes. Or should a politician retiring that their financials must be investigated. If they lived in the suburbs of Montreal when 1st elected and after 4-5 years drive a Benz, live in Rosedale, Ontario home (multi-million homes) and go to multi-million dollar chalets many times (possibly own one) there is something to investigate.

Foreign and Domestic threats to our elected officials, our election process and way of life can be defended against, but the privacy of elected officials and those bureaucrats who work for them need to be investigated, transparent and should there be elements of fraud, espionage, favours given, financial irregularities or something hidden, the public and our security systems need to know. Only this way, can we feel certain that our regular functions in life are not being manipulated.

David Johnson is not the problem. That the system is riddled with hidden elements that make true transparency difficult, if not impossible. Either our security system needs to be managed better, more secretive while providing true in time reports to those in the government, or we make the system a closed organisation where MP’s, Government Bureaucrats and Multinational Corporations toe the thin security centered line.

If we know what each of these people are going through, their weaknesses, their desires and financial realities, our security agencies can help prevent foreign agents from manipulating, threatening, blackmailing or harming extended family members.

It is their jobs, but the so-called “Privacy” of those who are targets do not allow our security professionals to do their jobs fully.

If you know there is a threat, you can take those threats out of the equation temporarily, and defend against any assault with all appropriate knowledgeable actions.

The International Protection of Foreign Diplomats placing them outside of our laws must be challenged and changed. Governments like China do not hold such protections sacrosanct. Tit for Tat I say. We had our chance when the Chinese Princess Meng Wanzhou was wanted by the USA, yet she was released instead of being extradited to the USA.

Small and Middle of the Road nations like Canada face uncertain actions from super powers like China, Russia, even Saudi Arabia while feeling the undue financial, military and diplomatic influence to do not what we know we should do, but more likely do what our opponents want.

Questions we have to our politicians: How can Millions of Dollars from Chinese Corporations end up in donations for political elections and why? Influence peddling perhaps?

If the President of America calls a Canadian Prime Minister (or any Elected Official) and attempts to influence said Prime Minister’s decisions… Undue Influence? Done before)

If Chinese Corporations are influenced both legally and under security mandates to serve the Chinese Communist Parties Security Apparatus, why do we continue to work with these corporations?

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario