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Uncouth behaviour of your sportsman

I would like to highlight the uncouth behaviour of one of your sportsmen and his father. I have been to Grenada on a number of occasions for vacation and to participate in cricket tournaments.

I have a special place for Grenadians and the hospitality that I have received over the years. However, one of your sportsmen and his father have made me believe that not all Grenadians are hospitable or genuine.

The pair asked me to source a set of cricketing gears for the sportsman and I willingly did so since I try my best to support young men in sports.

The gears were delivered and the money was to be paid to my contact in Grenada. This purchase was made in July 2022. As at today not a cent was paid and the pair seem to be nonchalant about the issue.

The amount is just around EC$1800.00 which is way less than his players match fees or his A contract. This letter may mean that they just give me the finger as they have been doing for the past ten months or they behave like men and pay the money.

I must admit that I will again visit Grenada but they have ensured that I may not help any budding sportsman if asked to do so.

Larry Sooklalsingh