TV6’s “Morning Edition” practices and promotes prejudice

Trinidad and Tobago’s TV6 show with Fazeer Mohammed is not my choice on mornings. The show practices and promotes institutional religious and cultural prejudice. I prefer to watch Synergy TV with talk-show host Stephan Reis.

This is the holy month of Ramadhan for Muslims (like Fazeer) which will culminate in the Eid al-Fitr national holiday on Monday (25/5/20).

Today is the 27th day of fasting from dawn until dusk, offering prayers (dua) and reading from the Quran.

Yet TV6 has studiously abstained from playing any kind of Islamic music in praise of Allah; no nasheed or qawwali devotional song during Ramadhan from purveyors such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Every day in the week, all year round, TV6’s “Morning Edition” plays calypso and extempo only; no chutney, no chutney soca, no pichakaree, and no parang for Christmas – all indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago.

The script of the TV6 “Morning Edition” producer seems to say that we are not living in a multi-ethnic society.

The producer needs to get a playlist from its affiliate Indian music radio station, Taj 92.3 FM, and its morning host Rafi Mohammed.

Having stated the above, it is not surprising that TV6’s “Morning Edition” does not advertise Taj 92.3 in the same way as CNC3 TV’s “The Morning Brew” does for its affiliate Sangeet 106.1 FM.

Dr Kumar Mahabir,    
San Juan,
Trinidad and Tobago

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