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Try something different

Let me help out the government here. They don’t usually take advice, because they are so consumed in their own egotistical wells.

The whole lot of them are allowing COVID-19 to dictate their tempo…for once please take a proactive approach.

(1). Everyone who enters into Grenada MUST have a COVID test done at the airport. It will be the first step on entry, even before you go to Immigration.

(2). Everyone MUST have a minimum of 7 days quarantine AT A QUARANTINE FACILITY. Let us not have any HOME QUARANTINE FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS.

(3). EVERYONE will be tested again on Day 5. The results of the second test will be ready within 48 hours…..which takes us to Day #7.

If after your second test on Day 7 you are negative, you leave.

If your results are positive, then you remain in quarantine.

These are 3 simple steps to follow that will allow us to control the spread of the virus.

Additionally, the Government needs to identify designated quarantine facilities around the island, possibly one in every village (maybe 2 where necessary)

  • Trained security services to monitor the facilities
  • Cleaning companies in these villages to ensure the place is well maintained, in all levels.
  • A designated COVID-19 office in every parish with an easy contact number eg.

St. George (440 C GEO)
St. Andrew (440 C AND)
St. Mark (440 C MAR)

and so on.

The money that is being charged for the COVID-19 test $410.00 can now be justified.

The money/grants from international agencies can now be properly spent.

That way when the Minister has a press conference he will have all the facts…..because he comes without the facts.

I am sure there are things that can be added to improve what was suggested. I am sure some will find what they consider flaws to say why it will not work. But, the fact is, what we are doing now is not working.

So why not just try a different and more proactive approach.

James Scotland

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