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Tricks in trade

The people need to be aware that these NNPites do not wish to see the NDC administration get the praise from the people for what has been accomplished in just 100 days.

They will advise the PM to do a release that remains hidden from the people. The PM has to know he has a whole television station available called GIS to get the message out for national addresses and to reach all classes and ages of citizens.

Whoever makes the PM feel it is a NDC address that he delivered and so he should not use GIS, well he better know that their objective was to keep the message hidden from the people and some of these people are up to no good at all.

It is sad but the truth is Keith Mitchell made sure that his NNP people were all appointed in the Public Service so they cannot be removed that easily.

Someone needs to tell the PM there are those who were acting and the question is – why are they still there?

The Ministers need to question these NNP folks and keep on top of them to get the NDC transformation agenda done.

Question the objectives of the NNPites in leading roles when they advise on things. Make sure what they are saying makes sense and ask the staff on the ground how certain things will work before implementing anything because these NNPites will lead you astray.

It seems that their motto is let the wrong continue and sink the ship. So, please tell our Ministers to be careful with whom they surround themselves with.

When these people are rushing to get a project implemented, please put up the red flag and question and also go slow because it may just be to show-off the programs of the NNP.

These programs also need to be rebranded under the NDC Government. The new Government must undertake it, so it must be completed but these programs and projects were branded as NNP so now the NNP workers must ensure that their NNP Government gets the praise for these projects which are things that any Government will be called upon to undertake.

Don’t take chances with these NNP operatives in the public service.

The Wise NDC