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Transport woos

The matter of a proper transport system in Grenada as in several countries the world over has always been of major concern. It can be considered an essential service and as such should be either owned by government and managed properly by appointed authority/board or run by private companies; whichever way certain structures must be in place for a smooth, efficient and regular service in most districts if not in a daily low high periods, nights as public holidays.

It seems to me that in Grenada that standard of service has not been and does not seem to be forthcoming.

Among the basic things there should/must be a proper Transport Board which among other things should have a good knowledge of the volume of transport that is needed and allocate as necessary.

If government is unable to provide adequate transport then some arrangement can/should be made to have private participation, of course each side will be seeking the most lucrative route/s and here is where efficiency of service plays its role.

On the other hand if the system is to be operated by private companies and organisations, much consideration must be given to the cost of operation before venturing into such a business.

If the cost of operation does not provide a reasonable return, no sensible entity will venture there, but should have meaningful consultation with government for subsidy/s.

In Grenada in order to obtain subsidy there MUST be a proper structured transport board along with proper Bus Associations. It appears here both are badly lacking or a malfunctioning. Let us look at what appears to be the most lucrative area/region in the state, South St.George.

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Because of its potential every Tom, Dick (Police); Harry, Mary (Public Servant); Jane and Thomas (John Public) each appears to acquire a bus and eventually is permitted to operate there without due consideration for the short-term or long-term profitability, resulting in what is commonly known in Grenada as pounding the road, each competing against the other, at a high operational cost which owners/operators cry about greed/inefficiency.

Our administrator has been/is desperate for revenue and does every conceivable thing to earn such. The high volume of imported vehicles from which government earns a tremendous amount of revenue by way of duties, taxes, license, fees, you name it, but how much is expended on the proper maintenance of roads to elevate in part the high cost of maintenance of vehicles?

Until such time as we have a proper functioning transport board, Bus Association/s, not in name, and a listening ear to the travelling public we will all continue to suffer, Covid or no Covid tourism or none, what is desperately needed is meaningful investment in agriculture and associated industries.

We have the land and very rich soil: the banks crying high liquidity; both given mostly lip service to the agriculture industry and lending to disproportionately purchase vehicle.

Simeon Green