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Time for change

People are hungry, people are fed up, and people are tired of being made fools by this Prime Minister and his NNP government.

In my professional opinion, the attack on Hot Spot supermarket was not one of malicious intent nor was it because of greed.

It was a simple case of people being prepared to do anything to feed their family, and being prepared to stand the consequences. It was a case of not going to die of hunger, while the big boys fatten themselves.

The wealth in this country is circulating only at the top, and the poor continue to be poor. We are too small to be poor. Our people should be better off.

If we do not address it now, we will be creating a change in the cultural norms of our country. We will be creating a state loaded with petty offenders, robbers, and all sorts of crimes associated with, and in the name of survival.

In 1978, the last year of the E.M.Gairy government, the unemployment rate in Grenada was 49%. I am almost sure we are at 50% or not far from.

We need to be sure that something is done… NOW….to get rid of this government and to free up the country to put something new and better in office.

If you ask me as a businessman, Keith Mitchell has now outlived his usefulness in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Southern Businessman