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Threat of civil disobedience

Mr. Edvin Martin
Commissioner of Police
Royal Grenada Police Force
Fort George
St. George

December 3rd, 2020.

Dear Sir,

As publicly known, my labour case has been intentionally stalled by the Grenadian government for the past four (4) years and eleven (11) months. Despite my many attempts over the years to ensure our authoritarians execute the duties of their offices, their egos, political affiliation and corrupt nature continue to pervert good judgment and justice.

I have made countless reports to the following public offices:

  • Ombudsman
  • Integrity Commission
  • Public Service Commission (PSC)
  • Director of Public Prosecution
  • Governor General (GG)
  • Prime Minister (PM)
  • Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF)
  • High Court
  • Parliament
  • Cabinet Secretary
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Attorney General (AG)
  • Solicitor General (SG)

As a result of persons in these offices blatantly refusing to simply do the jobs they are being paid to do, I have also travelled to and engaged international bodies such as the United Nations (Barbados) and the International Labour Organisation (Trinidad). As I am sure you are aware, corrupt practices have eliminated moral and constitutional duty.

During this strenuous journey of seeking justice I have been advised by the PSC to seek asylum, cursed off by Lima Frederick (PS Labour), threatened by Cletus St Paul (PM security head), fined by the court, ignored by the GG, PM, RGPF, SG, AG. Nevertheless, I continued to pay taxes and remained a law-abiding citizen.

In addition to countless attempts to achieve justice through moral suasion, on September 22nd, 2020 I again wrote the Ombudsman.

It should be noted that I advised the following:

“I find it incredible that I continue paying taxes though I am refused the services I pay for. I also find it incredible that the Ombudsman’s office can only write Peter and the PS without awarding them any repercussions each time they act with non-conformity of law; this explains their lack of respect for the Ombudsman’s office.

I have many times advised this disrespect for the office be brought to the attention of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. I wish to remind the Ombudsman that I have raised this matter with the Public Service Commission (PSC) where I was advised to seek asylum by one PSC official.

It is my hope that I will not have to continue engaging the Ombudsman’s office for a fifth (5th) year on nor should I have to seemingly motivate the Ombudsman’s office to complete this same matter.

One would think a simple labour issue would have been solved by the capable hands of the Ombudsman and or Ministry of Labour. Four (4) years and nine (9) have already elapsed. Your office is responsible for ensuring the complaints are dealt with. It is my hope that I would not have to exercise my justifiable right to a series of appropriate behaviours beginning with civil disobedience in the very near future.”

Though the correspondence was publicised, I received no response from the said office nor any other relevant public office to date, seventy-three (73) days later. As a result of the almost five (5) year oppressive stance taken by these elements of corruption I now have no choice but to exercise my right to resist this corrupt government through civil disobedience.

It is my hope that your good self will see fit to investigate, charge and prosecute these elements of corruption who continue to defraud, frustrate and exploit taxpayers whilst contaminating prestigious public offices and partaking in illegal activity.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” – Thomas Jefferson

Earl J. Maitland

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