Those liars

As a Grenadian I am hurt, I am embarrassed and I am emotionally bankrupt after listening to the performance of the white, vindictive, aggressive, and abusive couple on Facebook.

It took over a week to get an apology – an apology which came after failed attempts to stretch the truth.

You lied on Mrs. Smith in an attempt to have the police charge her. You say you feel saddened that people would say that you had convenient witnesses, but you reading from a convenient script while doing your false apology.

You wait until you realise that your backs are against the wall and you have no other option and you and your surrogates are facing jail time if any perjury is committed in the case against the Smith family.

But we are on the move already …things are in process and no water down, false, rehearsed, performance will save your kind.

If it comes to that then pay the fine, do the time and leave our little country as Grenada will be a better place without you in it.

Look Sarah, Grenadians are not that stupid and find it strange that after the civil lawsuit was filed by Mr. Derick Sylvester in court against you and your lawyer that a number of witnesses start coming forward to your defence.

We are taking note as this never was the case before. How come these witnesses didn’t come forward days before and never tell the police those things?

How come lady you gave a statement to the police before and the only time you are now telling about the so-called curse and threatening language from Mrs. Smith is after you get the lawsuit?

Sarah – I am in town too long to fall for your mamaguy to hide face and shame.

Madam, you are lucky it is Keith Mitchell who is Prime Minister and not Uncle Gairy.

As Grenadians who love our country, we want to send a little message to the lawyer who is representing you.

This lawyer has to stand up and think again because all that he is doing is making himself look bad in the country.

I am most disturbed to see the behavior of this lawyer who used to push out his chest and run to court as a defender of the poor and ordinary man on the island.

I am sure that this lawyer said on Monday that this matter with the White folks is subjudice and we should not be discussing it.

However, by the Tuesday, unless my ears and mind were playing tricks with me, the lawyer was making a lot of noise which resulted in me forming the opinion that what everybody was saying about his client is a lie.

I hope that I am dead wrong because if what I thought I heard the lawyer is saying amounted to telling us that all the medical professionals who looked at Mr. Evan Smith after the beating are lying out of their teeth with their medical reports.

The lawyer would have used a wide paint brush against the likes of Dr. Dragon, Dr. Panchoo, and Dr. La Rose about the injuries to Mr. Smith.

You ever hear more stupidness – the only people who are speaking the truth are Sarah and Donal and the two eyewitnesses who dropped from the sky overnight.

What is strange to me is that after Sarah get the lawsuit that is when she went in the police station and make a report.

Mr. Lawyer, we are not stupid as the first time your client is coming forward against Mrs. Smith is when Mr. Sylvester dropped the lawsuit on her.

Why Sarah, why you didn’t tell the police all along that the man’s wife cursed you and trespassed on your property by coming down into your hard.

Did you tell the police that when they came on the scene after the call was made to them about the dog being killed?

Sarah – your money will only tempt some people but not all Grenadians.

Patriotic Son

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