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Think again Claudius

Keith Mitchell has launched Election Campaign 2023 with the creation of his Social Fund.

This is a move by Keith Mitchell to put money into the hands of his supporters who are bawling out now because of Covid-19 pressure.

Keith think we stupid. Ask Keith who is the Chairman of the Social Partners who he say go manage the fund?

Keith had another Social Fund after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 that was called Agency for Rural Development (ARD) and millions went into it.

Under this ARD fund, Keith was paying his personal Advisor, the Baptist man Richardson Andrew $21, 000.00 a month and the woman from his constituency that used to work at Lime another $9000.00 a month.

Tell Keith to go himself and find the EC$54.2 million dollars from selling our passports that he allowed the Shrimp Farm investors to run away with it.

Tell Keith to set up a fund to raise money to pay Dorset Charles and Gemma-Bain Thomas and not only think about his supporters.

The former Cabinet Secretary is now poor and vulnerable with no salary for the last five years because Keith has refused to pay her the money that the court awarded her after defeating him in the legal battle.

Tell Keith to get his so-called son, Olinga to pay back the $140, 000.00 owed to nutmeg farmers for years now that he and his company called Chimera refused to pay.

Tell Keith he ran out of ideas and time to hand over Grenada to a much younger man with better and modern ideas to take the country forward.

As Chairman of Science and Technology in Caricom, Keith has failed because up to now he has not come up with one single project to benefit the region.

The True Believer