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Think about it

At one time during the early NNP government when Keith Mitchell was Minister of Works, the island had owned the Electricity Services, which was managed by Mr. Gregory Bowen for years, and the people suffered tremendously because of the lack of an efficient and adequate supply of electricity.

The government and management were unable, incapable to cause us to have a supply which would have enabled our industries and people to progress despite the tremendous amount of money provided to purchase engines among other things in order to provide the necessary product.

The cry of the nation was loud and clear, the need to have an adequate supply of electricity.

Then came the General Elections and the NNP administration lost the elections to the NDC, which formed the government and not having adequate finance and all that goes with it to improve the service, it was offered for sale by tender and after due process WRB became the majority shareholder of the company with government and members of the public owning the minority shares.

Since then and up to today we have been blessed with an adequate supply of electricity, proper management, a healthy supply of revenue to government and excellent dividend to shareholders.

What more can our people expect/want? The Keith Mitchell administration has been harassing the administration of the company (Grenlec) for years without end with court proceedings and arbitration which has cost the taxpayers tremendous sums of money, since on every matter the government lost their case.

For sometime now we have been hearing speculations that government was courting the Chinese with a view to have them to purchase the company, since government seems unable to purchase in accordance with the term/s of sale.

Is there now some conspiracy by the NNP administration somewhere along the line?

Government does not own the company, hence it cannot offer the company for sale by way of tender and since it has no money to purchase it, what next?

Hush, hush is what we are told by the Minister of Works, Mr. Gregory Bowen, which brings to my memory some situations which have caused us taxpayers in the past and even up to now vast amounts not only in revenue but also our reputation.

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When we said to this administration that we should know who were being considered/granted citizenship by way of investment we were denied such information, which would have caused us to enlighten the government of the rogues – the government failed to do so and we suffered tremendously.

Deception by this administration also caused us to lose much in the hotel/Louis Hamilton deal or misdeal.

Was it because Grenadians started to lose confidence in the government as a result of the hardship they were facing that the administration used the prospects of discovering gas and oil to boost our people confidence, that the economy will have been good and that we will all benefit?

But here again the procedure/the process of tendering, transparency, accountability and all that goes with it to make any venture a success/profitable was/is still lacking.

To date where is the gas and oil? No revenue, no employment.

Concessions, concessions and more concessions were granted to speculators and the likes over the years. Competition and more competition between governments in the region to woo whatever, whoever, have been proven a disservice to our people.

Yet recently we hear our Prime Minister saying that no concession will be granted as yet to the owner of the Silver Sands Hotel for modernising, construction, development or what have you of another project.

We hear now that the Cinnamon Hill Hotel, Port Louis Marina which have been in operation for the past twelve years have changed hands.

Have Grenadians forgotten the displacement of residents of the Belmont area, the failed promises to build a new hotel and to develop the agricultural sector to boost the supply of such product for the hotels industry and create much needed employment?

Only twelve years and millions of dollars by way of concessions, yet promises of more possible concessions again.

Is there a need to write off projects as that of Levera, Ritz Carlton, Mt Hartman/Chinese failed projects?

Think about it! Where are we going? Hush, hush, government and WRB, government and the Chinese. Probable/possible acquisition of the public shares at Grenlec by government/clandestine purchase, if at all of Grenlec by the Chinese.

God help us.

Simeon Green