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Things to investigate

I need the help of the Editor and your readers to answer a few questions because until I receive the answers I will never understand what is happening here in Grenada.

(1). Who does the Ministry of Labour and its team work for – Grenadians or foreigners?

(2). Is the newest hotel chain in the south bribing some folks here?

(3). Are we being recolonised and this time by the Spanish?

Why do I ask these questions you may ask? I am a lover of the hospitality industry and I really do believe that it can make a huge difference in the lives of the Grenadian people, however only if it is established correctly.

I am among many young Grenadians who would have studied hospitality and tourism so that I can help assist with the growth and development of the industry locally. However, we are not wanted or welcomed in Grenada.

I make reference to the Grenada Tourism Authority and the fact that it is run and directed by Bajans, of course nothing is wrong with that, but when the reasoning is that there are no competent locals, it’s laughable.

For the price they are paying the head to continue walking around with her 10K plus Hermes Birkin bags, a group of fresh young locals could have been hired, trained under her and left to do the work.

Presently however, it’s the slackness of the newest hotel chain in the south that has me wondering when we are going to stop letting foreigners walk all over us. That hotel chain is allowed to bring in so many Spanish workers for positions as basic as administration that any recent graduate of TAMCC can perform.

They are allowed to make certain positions redundant, letting go of the Grenadians and then two days later guys from Mexico arrive to take over. They are allowed to breach signed contracts and when you go to the Ministry of Labour you are brushed off, they do not try to assist you.

Their latest move, according to insiders, is offering 10 days and 5 days contracts. Grenadians join me! We have to demand an investigation into the operation of the Royal hotel chain, if we don’t stop them now they will set precedence for the others to come. Join me to demand an investigation for those wrongfully treated and those they intend to mistreat.

It is said over and over that the Hotel developments are coming to create employment, apparently it is employment for foreigners only. One can understand that these are international companies so we expect some Expats coming in to work but what quantity is sufficient and at whose expense?

Patriotic Sister